Andrew Morrison Bryan 1748 -1841

 – My 4th G-Grandfather by David Arthur


Father of William Akers Bryan

Father of Andrew Bryan

Father of Sarah Jane Bryan

Mother of Willie Thomas Arthur

Father of Edgar Wilson Arthur

Father of E. David Arthur













































(Andrew Morrison Bryan – Listed below as Andrew Briant)


Southern Campaign American Revolution Pension Statements

Militia List – Capt. Adam Clements [96 Campaign, about May 1, 1781 – about July 31, 1781], Entered service from Bedford county, VA and enrolled in the militia regiment of Major Alexander Rose and Major John Ward.]

Transcribed and annotated by James L. Lynch III


[External Jacket] Received May 18th 1781 of Captain Adam Clements three publick [sic] guns in the hands of Alexr. [Alexander] Driskill, John Lambert, and Wm. [William] Buford.

         Jeremiah Pate, Capt.


A List of Militia marched by Capt. Adam Clements from Bedford County to the assistance of General Green in South Carolina May 1st, 1781

Adam Clement, Capt.     

Robert Cobb, Lieutenant  6 of June

Edmund Tate, Lt.   

Sheldrake Brown, Ensign  

George Woodard  – 23 of July

Ricd. Bunch (Richard Bunch)   2 months

Geo. Gosnell (George Gosnell)  

Thomas Laine    Sick

Daniel Laine   

Pierce B. Pennell – 8th of July

Thomas McCane – 9th of July

Isham Hall    Sick

Robert Hall    

Alexander Laine – The 8th of July Deserted

Charles Walker  – Waginor [sic]

John Mitchell – sick

Alexander Driskell on Capt. Pates list

Zekiel Rogers (Ezekiel Rogers) – 9 July

John Littlepage – sick

Thomas McLaughlin – 9 July

Joseph Wood  – 8 Ditto

Luke Vallentine  (Luke Valentine)

Thomas Stearman (Thomas Spearman) – Capt. Pate

John Farris – 9 Ditto

James Daverson – 8 Ditto

Andrew Briant

Robert Brown

James Donoho – 9 Ditto

William Lee – 9 Ditto

Flail Nichols [Flail Nicholes] – Wag.

Stephen Low – 8 Ditto?

Joshua Richardson

Edward Mousley (Edward Moseley Sick

Edward Hancock  – 31 of July Sargt.

Evin Morgan – Discharged (Evan Morgan) [illegible text following]

Saml. Fielder [Samuel Fielder waginor

Pattrick Linch [Battrick Linch] (See Patrick Lynch  – Confirmed via VA Auditor’s Accounts pay record for this service)

Alexr. Dobbins (Alexander Dobbins)

William Caldwell 

Thomas McCammish [Thomas McCannfrish] – on Capt. Pates

James Kilbrush – on Capt. Pates

John Spearman – sick

Archer Bell – 13?

Wm. Thornhill (William Thornhill 8?

Francis Powers

Stephen Huff

Francis Farley

Edward Williams Sargt. – Absent – Sick June 13?

John Stovall – 3 months

John Lambert  - on Capt. Pates

Joab Ross – sick

John Ross – 31 ? Sargt.

Robert Marten – 28

Jacob Woodard  – Ditto

Samuel Ewing

Harmon King

William Reaves (William Reeves) – 8

Robt. Davis (Robert Davis) – 8

Adam Tales – 28

Christopher Sutton – Sargent [sic]

Archer Gilliam  – srgt.

John Arther  – sick

Jeremiah Burns – Sargent [sic]

Benjn. Molton

Thomas Kerr [Thomas Keer 9

Joseph Callaway – 9

Saml. Wilson (Samuel Wilson absent

John Spauldin (John Spaulding) – 8

Elisha Williams – Wd? [Wounded?]

John Pratt

Joseph Hambrick

Jacob McGradey

Walter Urguert (Walter Urquhart) – 2 Mo.

Robert Turley

Henry Lowery – sick

John Foster

Ambrus Goff [Andrew Goff] – sick

William Bufford on Capt. Pates 

Basdill Wheat – Discharged May 18th

Nimrod Numon (Nimrod Newman)

Thomas Arther 

Thom. Dickson  (Thomas Dixon) – 13

Samuel Hancock 

Robt. Donoho (Robert Donoho) – 8

Bird French – 3 m.

Stephen Forestor – QM. Sargent [sic] till the 6th of June then absent.

Samuel Hancock appointed Sargent Majer [sic] the 26th of May


        James Callaway

        Cty. Lieut. Bedford



* The Roster contains a series of numbers behind many entries, which appears may have been done in pencil after the fact. I am unsure as to what they mean, but included them anyway. Names to the right in brackets are the names as abstracted by the National Archives and Records Administration. Names to the right in parentheses are suggested alternative spellings, or the full spelling for abbreviated first names, which is included for searching purposes. There are at least two affidavits for pensions referencing service with this company, neither of whom are listed on the roll. It is probable that their service was actually in Jeremiah Pate’s company, also from Bedford county. These pensions for William English  and Jacob White  were filed by their respective widows, with supporting affidavits from soldiers with second-hand knowledge of the campaign. This company marched under the command of Colonel Alexander Rose and Major John Ward. Per the testimony of a number of pension applications, this unit was employed in digging trenches as part of the siege of 96. During a night attack by the British on or about June 6, Captain Clement ordered a retreat and deserted his unit under fire. The men stood firm and repulsed the British, resulting in Captain Clement being cashiered and Robert Cobb being promoted to Captain in his place.



Green Co. Ohio – Andrew Morrison Bryan

Birth - Apr/14/1748 • Campbell county, VA

Marriage  -1773

Death - Mar/07/1822 • Jamestown, Ohio

Burial -Silver Creek Cemetery, Jamestown, Greene Co., OH