Items from the home of David Overby and Sallie Ann Skinner Overby, my Great-Grandparents – by David Arthur



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Sallie Ann Skinner Overby’s Spinning Wheel, not sure of its history prior to her having and using it.

 It could have come from her parent’s home.




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This pot belonged to Sallie Ann Skinner Overby


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This Secretary was built by David Overby circa 1910. It is made of walnut, from a tree that grew on his farm a few hundred yards southwest of his home.

The lumber was sawn by a steam mill on his farm which was brought in and set-up to the west of where James Overby built his home. This mill came in

to cut the hardwood trees from the bottom land along the branches and Kettlestick Creek after the Emporia Lumber Company had cut the original growth

pine timber a few years earlier. David Overby dressed this walnut lumber with a hand plane and built the secretary for his youngest daughter Annie. She gave

the secretary to me when she moved to live near her brother James (my Grandfather) after the death of her husband, Howell Taylor about 1974.


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This table was also built by David Overby (my Great-Grandfather) from the same walnut tree as the Secretary above.



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David Arthur – Great Grandson of David Overby and Sallie Skinner.


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