Elijah Hunt, 1783 - 1879

My 3rd Great Grandfather David Arthur


Elijah served with the Virginia Militia during the war of 1812 under Captain Charles Harris as a private. His pension application is available from the VA State Library over the web. The application shows that he is aged and destitute, and there are supporting papers to show that he had served long enough to earn his pension.


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(The text is copied from above, it appears to be an optical character scan from paper records note sp. Etc.)

Name Elijah Hunt

Event Type Pension Application

Military Unit Note Private Charles Harris Co Va Mil

Spouse's Name

Affiliate Publication Title Index to War of 1812 Pension Application Files

Affiliate Publication NumberM313

Affiliate Film Number49

GS Film number840479

Digital Folder Number4596567

WAR OF 1812 ^^^'^ "'^^


Served as private under Charles Harris in Virginia militia

Bounty land warrants 30730 for 80 acres in 1850 and 10627 for 80 acres ;'n 1355.

Enlist .d July 5 and Oct 15 1813 and dischar2:ed July 31, 1813 and 1314. He resided 1850 in Halifax Co Va and 1855 and 1871 in Pittsylvania Co Va , and he died March 16 1879?

Declaration was made 1850 in Halifax Co Va by said

Elijan Hunt, states he was a private in company of Gapt Cartmill in the 5th regiment of militia. Comjnanded by Ool iviason in the war of 1812, t lat he was drafted at Halifax court house, Va July 8 1813 for six m.onths and act'Tal y served for six months, foid was discharged at Norfolk Jan 11 1814. His original discharge was filed signed Jas Gar trill? Capt 1814 Jan 11th.

Declaration viras made again for Bounty land 1855, iviarch 27 by Elijah Hunt age 67 ? or 47? stating about t-ie same as above.


He made another declaration 1871 April 22 in Halifax coimty Va age 86 a resident of Pittsylvania Go Va, states he is married, that his wife's name was Lavina Carter, to whom he vms married at Geor:ie Carters 1807, that he is the Identical ii^lijah Hunt v/ho waas a private under Capt Cliarles Hariss and lucGormick' s Cinpanies . 1813 and dischd at Norfolk, that he received military land warrant.

Text Box:  A note in the file dated Sept 1880 frora Mt Airy Pittsylvania Go Va stating (from R L Hunt) statin;, about 3 months ago he sent In some papers asking for reimbursement in case of Elija Hunt a pensioner of war of 1312, who died LAST NOValvIBER. That he has never heard from the Department (of Pensions) in regard to this matter and asked them to please let him hear from them as early as possible.)

















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