List of Individuals
Overby, Emily
Overby, Erin Elizabeth
Overby, George Epps
Overby, George Morris
Overby, George W.
Overby, Gerald Young
Overby, Ginia
Overby, Hazel
Overby, Helen
Overby, Henrietta
Overby, Henry
Overby, Herbert
Overby, Horace
Overby, Isabella Green
Overby, James Andrew
Overby, James Jefferson
Overby, James Washington
Overby, Jayma Jaye
Overby, Jeremiah
Overby, John
Overby, John R.
Overby, Joshau
Overby, Karen Anne
Overby, Kathleen Starr
Overby, Kester
Overby, Kevin Stuart
Overby, Lillie
Overby, Linda Lee
Overby, Lisa
Overby, Lisa K.
Overby, Loretta Gail
Overby, Lori
Overby, Louis Jefferson
Overby, Lucille
Overby, Lucille (1)
Overby, Lula Lavinia
Overby, Lula Mae
Overby, Maggie E.
Overby, Margret
Overby, Margret (Maggie) Lee
Overby, Marion
Overby, Martha Lee
Overby, Mary Jane
Overby, Mary Sue
Overby, Minnie (Mona) Elizabeth
Overby, Nicholas
Overby, Nicholas "The Imigrant"
Overby, Nicholas "Ye Younger"
Overby, Pamela Jean
Overby, Patricia Ann
Overby, Patsy
Overby, Rachael
Overby, Raymond
Overby, Rebecca Lynne
Overby, Richard
Overby, Richard Samuel
Overby, Ricky
Overby, Robert
Overby, Robert David
Overby, Robert Edward
Overby, Robert Franklin
Overby, Robi Dale
Overby, Ronnie
Overby, Rosa Givons
Overby, Ryan Michael
Overby, Sadie Marie
Overby, Sallie Josephine
Overby, Sandra
Overby, Sarah Elizabeth
Overby, Sarah F.
Overby, Shawn
Overby, Shelia
Overby, Sherron Lynn
Overby, Sterling
Overby, Stuart
Overby, Sylvia Marie
Overby, Virgie
Overby, Virginia Frances
Overby, Virginia Lucy
Overby, Virginia Sue
Overby, Wanda
Overby, William Epps
Overby, William H.
Overby, William Robert
Overby, Yvonne Elise
Overby/ II, Nicholas
Overby/ Jr, Charles Nelson
Overby/ Jr, David Herbert
Overby/ Jr, Gerald Young
Overby/ Jr, Henry
Overby/ Jr, James Jefferson
Overby/ Jr, Lewis J.
Overby/ Jr, William Epps
Overley, Marie C
Owen, Blake Harris
Owen, David Merle
Owen, Donna Denise
Owen, Edward Bernard
Owen, Edwill Earl
Owen, George Edward

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