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 William Epps Overby 
birt: 12-28-1818
plac: Chesterfield Co. VA
deat: 4-21-1863
plac: burried Blandford Cemetery Petersburg, VA

Elizabeth Green Williamson
marr: 9- MAR 1837
plac: Petersburg, VA
birt: 10-23-1817
deat: 8-24-1879
plac: Burried Blandford Cemetery Old grd Ward H Sec 6 grave 5
 Mary "Polly" Spinner 

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William Epps Overby, Sr. died April 21st 1863 in the hospital at hanover Academy on the 21in April William Epps Overby a member of the 5th VA Calvary commanded by Capt Win field in the 45 year of his age He leaves a affectionate Wife and five children to mourn his loss. Dearest William though has left us here thy loss we deeply feel but 'tis god that has taught us He can all our sorrows heal