John Overby

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Nicholas Overby

Sterling Overby

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 Thomas Overbury 
 Yeoman Thomas Overbury 
  Jone "Joan" Porter 
 Nicholas Overbury 
   Nicholas Rutter 
  Isabelle Rutter 
 Giles Overbury 
   John Palmer 
   Giles Palmer 
  Mary Palmer 
  Merriall Feild 
 Nicholas "The Imigrant"Overby 
   Sir John Shirley 
  Lady Ann Shirley 
   Sir Nicholas Pelham 
  Anna Pelham 
   John Sackville 
  Anne Sackville 
   Sir William Boleyn
  Margaret Boleyn 
  Lady Margaret Butler
 Nicholas "Ye Younger"Overby 
 Nicholas Overby III 
 Jeremiah Overby 
 John Overby 
birt: 1754
plac: Dinwiddie County, Virginia
deat: 1829
plac: Dinwiddie County, Virginia

Charlotte Eppes
birt: 1758
plac: Dinwiddie County, VA

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