Jonathan Richardson

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 Jonathan Richardson 
birt: 1715
plac: Prince William Co. VA
deat: 1773
plac: Bedford Co. VA

Elizabeth Taylor
marr: 1745
plac: Fairfax County VA

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Will of Jonathan Richardson, Bedford Co., VA Dated: 5 Oct. 1772 Pages: 183-184 My son Jesse 200 acres of land that I now live on. My son Thomas 100 acres of land the upper part of my land joining to the last mentioned premises. My son Amos 100 acres of land the lower part of my land. My son Joseph that I had by my first wife, thirty shillings sterling. My wife Anne all my movable effects in her possession till my children come of age, then to be divided equally among Mary Nance Aimy Jesse, Thomas and Amos. (Note: only one comma used to separate these names) My wife's thirds to be deducted out of the last mentioned effects or estate.