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 George Washington Winfrey 
birt: 1794
plac: Halifax County, VA
deat: Aft ER 1860
plac: Halifax County, VA

Maryan Bardet
marr: APRIL 20, 1816
plac: Halifax County, VA
birt: 1795
plac: France
deat: 1850

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Created by David Arthur


George Washington Winfrey is not in the bible records or the record book associated with the extended family of David Winfrey and Achsah Tuck. He is in the same area and born at the same era they are having children. I have associated George Winfr ey as thier son based on DNA cousin matches. I have mathces not only with them as ancestors, but also matches of 5th - 7th cousins to me that go to the Tuck, Powell, Gibson, and Place ancestors of Achsah and the Jones ancestors of David Winfrey . Not just one or two DNA cousin matches but numerous matches with no other explanation.