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birt: 1630
plac: Denton Court, Kent, England
deat: Aft ER 1693
plac: St. Marys Co. MD

Susannah Heath
  Richard Greene 
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TITLE: Col. OCCUPATION: Local Militia; constable and coroner of Charles Co. MD [S1580] RESIDENCE: co. Kent, England and Charles and St. Mary's Cos. MD BIRTH: 1630, Denton Court, Kent, England [S1804] DEATH: AFT 1693, St. Mary Cty, Maryland [217579] RESOURCES: See: [S1637] [S1580] [S1647] [S1706] [S1804] [S1817] Father: William SWANN "the Immigrant" Mother: Judith GREENE Family 1 : Susannah HEATH? William SWAN Judith SWAN Richard SWAN John SWAN Henry SWAN +James SWAN Sr. +Susannah SWAN Edward SWAN +Thomas SWAN Sr. +Samuel SWANN +Sarah SWANN Notes Col. Samuel Swann is shown as father of Susannah by some, but a deed of gift from Edward Swan, Sr. to his dau. Susannah, in consideration of her marriage, called Egglestone cont. 80 acres looks like the same land in Philip Briscoe's will of 172 4 given to son Philip, 80 acres had of Father Swann. Father is Edward, Mother is Susannah Heath and his father is William 1586-1638 and Judith Greene. "William J Swann claimed that William Swan came to Jamestown in 1616. He also claimed that Edward Swan, James Swan and John Swan were other, younger sons of William and Judith Swan (Internet Website, California, 1997). Edward Swan, founder of th e Swan of Maryland family, was alleged to have been born in 1630 at Denton Court and was "the great-grandson of Sir Francis Swann of Wye, Kent". He served in the Royalist Army of Charles I, and fled to Virginia with his brothers after the Cromwell ian defeat. Some of this information is probably taken from Adventurers of Purse and Person. by Annie L. Jester, 1956." "Land, 1664, Maryland, USA: On December 9th, 1664 William Marshall assigned the "rights" due to him of four persons, Nicholas, Susanna Heath, Elizabeth Brown and Stephan Champ, over unto Edward Swann, they were transported by John Mercer of Maryla nd. On this same day Richard Morrice assigned the "rights" of George Crockmillion "over unto" Edward Swann. On December 21st, 1664 Edward Swann received a warrant for these two "rights" and his own "right" or 50 acres each for transporting six per sons into the province, or a total land grant of 300 acres. In a patent of September 27th, 1665 credit is given for 400 acres for bringing in Anne Jones, Thomas Cherry, Sarah Horner, John Cox and Elizabeth Parke. Combined with another 600 acres , Edward Swann's early land entitlements sum up to 1,500 acres. In the Maryland Archives as of 1662, Edward's wife was Susanna and they owned 100 acres of land." "Owned Land (26) , 8 Mar 1720/21, "Eagleton", Charles Co., MD, USA: land of Edward & Wm Compton: Court Record (27) , 21 Feb 1722/23, "Eaglton", Charles Co., MD, USA: bounds, Testified, 1723, Maryland, USA: Edward Swann is said to have been livin g "about" the year 1693 from a deposition given by son, Thomas Swann of Prince George Co.,age about 49 years. Depositions recorded 21 Feb. 1723; states his father Edward Swann, about 30 years previouosly, showed him the first bounded tree of trac t call Eaglton. Samuel Swann, aged about 47 years, stated his brother, Thomas Swann Sr., showed him the bounded tree. Witnesses present at the bounded tree this date, 21 Feb. 1723 include Joseph Ward and Benjamin Ward, sons of Wm. Ward Sr.; Jame s Swann, son of Thomas Swann Sr. and Mary Lewis daughter of Thomas Lewis. (Land: L#2.115_116)." The SWANNS were from SWANN'S Point in VA. The English family of SWANN, were of Denton Court, Kent, and received amoral rights through Sir Francis SWANN.