Richard Gervais de Hampton

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 Richard Gervais de Hampton 
birt: 1430
plac: England

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Created by David Arthur

Notes: The quote below is from the web site listed above. The Early HAMPTONís (de Hampton of Staffordshire) "It is important to note that the many assertions made on the Internet about Richard Gervase de Hampton are misleading, because there were at least 4 Richard Gervase de Hamptonís

The first Richard Gervase de Hampton was living in 1320, an d had five sons and at least one daughter. Once I had determined these important facts, it became a matter of trying to determine what became of those sons. Following are my attempts at that task. I have endeavored to include with eac h person the quotes that led me to place them in the order you find them. In a very few instances, I make a working hypothesis of relationships, but those assumptions are made plain. The problem remains that, other than in the paper of Dr. Joseph Lynon Miller - and Stebbing Shawís 'Notes of Staffordshire' about the Hampton's - which makes pointed reference to the fact that William Hampton who immigrated to Virginia on the Bo na Nova was related to these de Hamptonís - I have yet to find the missing link

although I do make some assumptions." This web site takes the lineage of the de Hamptons back several more centuries.