John Snow

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 John Snow 
deat: 26 OCT 1631
plac: Brookehouse, Staffordshire, England

Judith Hill
birt: BEF 22 DEC 1583
plac: Worverley, Worcester, England
deat: AFT 1631
plac: Brookehouse, Staffordshire, England

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John Snow •Sex: M •Death: 26 OCT 1631 in Brookehouse, Staffordshire, England •Note: John Snow(1) died in 1631. John Snow made his Will 9 august, 1631 and was probated on 26 Oct.1631. He names his wife Eydreth ( Judith) and his sons and daughter Sussanna and her husband Thomas Gerard JUDITH Eydreth(1). Children were: i. Susanna Snowe. ii. Walter Snowe(1). iii. Justinian Snowe(1). iv. Marmaduke Snowe(1). v. Egerton Snowe(1). vi. Abell Snowe(1). vii. Albion Snowe(1).