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birt: 1590
plac: Wymondham, Norfolk, England
deat: 01-01-1628
plac: Jamestown, VA

Bridgett Bucke
marr: 06-21-1624
plac: Jamestown, VA
birt: 1605
plac: Manchester, Lancashire, England
deat: 1625
plac: Jamestown, VA
 JoAnne Daughtry 

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John Burrowes, the first known person in Virginia with a name similar to Burrus, was a passenger on the Survivor, which arrived at Jamestown in 1608, just in time to rescue those 87 who had lived through that first terrible year in the new land . He is seen in the records until his death by murder in 1628. The murderer was a 14-year-old indentured servant who stabbed John in the stomach. John built and lived on a plantation south of the James River for many years, but moved back north of the river in order to provide care for a mentally retarded sister-in-law, Mara Buck, for whom he had been appointed guardian. JOHN BURROUGHS BURROWS2 BURRUSS (UNKNOWN1) was born Abt. 1578 in Probably England, and died January 01, 1627/28 in Jamestown Virginia where he was fatally stabbed. He married (1) MRS. UNKNOWN BURRUSS Abt. 1600 in Probably England. She was born Abt . 1580 in Probably England, and died Abt. 1616 in Probably England. He married (2) BRIDGET BUCK Abt. 1622, daughter of REV BUCK and GRECIAN LANGLEY. She was born Abt. 1605 in England. BIOGRAPHY: Notes for JOHN BURROUGHS BURROWS BURRUSS: John Burrowes (Burruss) came to Virginia in 1608 with the Second Supply. He was financed by the Englishman, Robert Gaile, who petitioned the Virginia Company in London England to give satisfaction, because he had made no return on his investmen t in John Burrowes' adventure. John apparently survived the "Straving Times" , when most of the early settlers perished. When the census of 1624 was taken in Jamestown, Burrowes was living at his plantation called "Burrowes Mount". and sometimes known as Burrowes Hill. In August of 1626 he petitioned the Royal Governor to "seat himself" upon the neck of land near James City so he may care for cattle due his ward, Mara Buck, daughter of Richard Buck. John Burrowes married Bri dgett also a daughter of Richard Buck John Burrows sold Burrows Hill (Burrows Mount) to John Smith. In the muster of 1624/25, John Smith and his wife Susanna, along with son Francis age one year, were listed as living at Burrows' Hill. William and Mary Quarerly Vol 16, page 222, 223.