Jerome Bassano

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 Jerome Bassano 
birt: 3-11-1558
plac: All Hallows Barking Parish, London, England
deat: 1635
plac: Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

Dorthy Symons
birt: 1560
plac: London, England
deat: 1599
plac: Waltham Abbey, Essex, England

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Jerome Bassano was a member of the Italian family of musicians that lived in England and served in the court of Queen Elizabeth I. He was also resident in the courts of James I and Charles I. The extant works attributed to Jerome include allemand es, fantasias and madrigals. They were orchestrated in five or six parts. -------------------------------------------- He was a composer of music at the Royal Court of King James. His music can still be heard and purchased today. ---------------------------------------------------- Uploaded on Aug 19, 2009 Jerome Bassano (1559-1635) Fantasia a % Nš1 ---------------------------------------------------------- Jeronino the younger or Jerome Bassano was the father of Elizabeth Bassano that married 1st Albiano Lupo and 2nd John Chandler. His father was Anthony Bassano a 16th-century Italian musician born in Bassano del Grappa, Italy, one of six sons of Jeronimo Bassano (Anthony, Jacomo, Alvise, Jasper, John and Baptista) who moved from Venice to England to the household of Henr y VIII to serve the court, probably in 1540.