Mary Martha Coppin

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 Mary Martha Coppin 
birt: 1- JUN 1595
plac: Canterbury, Kent, England
deat: 8- JUN 1633
plac: Canterbury, Kent, England

Peter Wynne
marr: 12-8-1620
plac: Canterbury, Kent, England
birt: 11-25-1593
plac: St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, Kent, England
deat: 5-31-1638
plac: St. Georges, Canterbury, Kent, England

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Martha was the granddaughter of John Coppin, born in 1530 and a member of British Parliament, and his wife Mary Denne. The Denne family is descended from the Vikings who invaded Normandy and who settled part of France then moved north to England , Scotland and Wales. Peter Wynne and Martha Coppin had two children: 1) Col. Robert Wynne, and 2) Sarah Wynne. Peter was freed from apprenticeship in 1626. Peter Wynne died on 30 May 1638 in Canterbury, County Kent, England.