James Pemberton DeJarnette 1740 1826


James Pemberton DeJarnette My 4th Great-Grandfather

Second Wife: Mary (maiden name unknown) widow of Alexander Saunders

Parents of Elizabeth Dejarnette who married William Akers Bryan

Parents of Andrew Bryan who married Mary J. Coffee

Parents of Sarah Jane Bryan who married H. Lee Arthur

Parents of Willie Thomas Arthur who married Anselona D. Wade

Parents of Edgar Wilson Arthur who married Bertha M. Overby

Parents of E. David Arthur


James Pemberton DeJarnette son of Joseph DeJarnette and grandson of Jean DeJarnette, a Huguenot who fled France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes in 1685 and came to Virginia in 1699. Jean DeJarnette first settled in Caroline County, and it is unclear when the family first acquired property in Halifax County, as the county did not exist until 1752, when it was formed from Lunenburg County. However, the first property listing in Halifax for James Pemberton DeJarnette appears in 1767.



25 Feb 1767 Halifax County, Virginia

65 acres for £20

◦Deed Book 6, p. 12 William Bowman Junior and Rachel, his wife, sold to James Pemberton Dejarnett for twenty pounds a tract lying on the south side of North Fork of Allen's Creek containing 65 acres. Beginning at Luke Smith's corner to the dividing line between James Farris and William Bowman Junior, etc. Witnesses Benjamin Lankford, Joseph Dejarnett, John Farris, John George.

Land Acquisition 1 Mar 1767 Halifax County, Virginia

200 acres for £60

◦Deed Book 6, p. 493 John Balenger and Mary, his wife, sold to James Pemberton Dejarnett for 60 pounds 200 acres on the south side of Staunton River. Witness Robert Munford.

Land Acquisition 19 Sep 1771 Halifax County, Virginia

143 acres for £160

◦Deed Book 8, p. 363 Peter Bayes and Hannah, his wife, sold to James Dejarnett for 160 pounds a tract of land of 143 acres on the south side of Staunton River beginning at Abraham Echols corner opposite to an island. Witness Robert Munford.

Land Relinquish 22 Aug 1772 Pittsylvania County, Virginia

137 acres for £51

◦Deed Book 3, p. 61 James Dejarnett of Halifax County 51 pounds current money of Virginia paid by William Spraggins of Pittsylvania County a tract of land lying on the east fork of Allen's Creek joining the lines of Joshua Stone, James George and John Butler 137 acres together with all houses, gardens, orchards, or woods and under woods, waters, water courses. Signed James Dejarnett, Edna Dejarnett.

Witnesses: Thomas Dillar Junior, Benjamin Lankford, Benjamin Johnson

Land Acquisition 15 Oct 1772 Halifax County, Virginia

400 acres for £20

◦John Rodgers, attorney for Thomas Dougherty of Charlotte County sold to James Pemberton Dejarnett for 25 pounds 400 acres on the branches of Bannister and brances of Staunton Rivers and both sides of Hickeye Road. Witness Robert Munford.

Military Service Between 1774 and 1777 as a Captain during The Revolution

Land Relinquish 18 Sep 1777 Halifax County, Virginia

400 acres for £50

◦Deed Book 10, p. 298 James Dejernett and Edna, his wife, sold to George Mitchell for 50 pounds current money lands known as "Church Tract" on both sides of Hickeye Road and on the heads of the Branches of both Bannister and Staunton Rivers containing 400 acres. Witness George Carrington.

Land Relinquish 16 Jul 1778 Halifax County, Virginia

200 acres by sale

◦Deed Book 11, p. 70 &ndash James Pemberton Dejernatt sold to Joseph Dejernett for ??? 200 acres on the south side of Staunton River.

Land Acquisition 21 Nov 1778 Pittsylvania County, Virginia

90 acres for £50

◦Deed Book 3, p. 63 Thomas Davis of Halifax 50 pounds paid by James Dejarnett of Halifax. A tract in Pittsylvania County on Straight Stone Creek, 90 acres *** to a line on the north side of said creek just below Hubbard's old mill.

Witnesses: Will Todd, Haynes Morgan, John Buckly, John George.



James Pemberton DeJarnette served during the American Revolution as Captain of the Halifax County Militia. He also twice served as High Sherriff of Halifax County Virginia.

During his lifetime a Tavern or Ordinary was established in the late 1700s by his family on what is now known as St. Rt. 40 and Stagecoach Road in Halifax County. According to court documents it was owned by his oldest son Thomas DeJarnette in 1782.






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