John Andrew Bryan 1712 1799

My 5th G-Grandfather by David Arthur



DAR Ancestor #: A016254






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JOHN ANDREW BRYAN of near Fairfield, Rockbridge County, Virginia; d. between 9th October and 9th December, 1779; m. Mary MORRISON; was a member of Capt. Peter HOGG'S Company of the Virginia troops serving under Washington at the Battle of Great Meadows and at the siege and surrender of Fort Necessity, 4th July, 1754. (Virginia Magazine of History and Biography, volume 1, page 279., Virginia State Records; also Washington Memoirs, 11, 111, Library of Congress.) He also served in the Revolutionary war in Capt. Thomas MERRIWETHER'S [p.106] Company, First Virginia State troops, March, 1777, to serve for three years. (Record United States War Department; his two sons Andrew Morrison BRYAN and John BRYAN were also in the Revolution in Captain LEFTWITCH'S Company, Colonel CHRISTIE. The latter John BRYAN, Jr., seeing service in the Battle of Brandywine, was wounded at Guilford Courthouse and was at Jamestown and at the capture of Cornwallis. (U. S. Bureau of Pensions.)

2. John Andrew Bryan m. Mary Morrison and moved abt 1737 to Burden Colony near Fairfield, Rockbridge Co., VA. After living a few years in the Borden Colony they and their family proceeded to the Staunton River, where he became owner of land upon a part of which Salem is now situated. He later disposed of this land and moved down to a grant which he secured along the Great Road east of his father's holdings. He left the Staunton River, trading his land for "a pair of cart-wheels" and moved with his family to Campbell Co., VA. Here he bought 329 acres of Richard Stith and 439 acres of Benjamin Arnold. On the last named tract he at once erected a bark hut, he later built a house farther down on Molly's Creek. A lot on this place was used as a muster ground for years after the Revolution. (Colonial Families of US, Vol VI, by MacKinzie, pages 104 through 106.)

(New Jersey Archives, First Series, XXII, 36)((Map in Kegler, op.cit., opposite 562 shows land of John Bryan(t). Records of land grants on the Roanoke, Box XIII, 314) shows grant with date of August 16, 1756 to John Andrew Bryan.)

3. Was a member of Capt. Peter Hogg's Company of the VA troops serving under Washington at the Battle of Great Meadows and at the siege and surrender of Fort Necessity, 4th Jul 1754. (VA Magazine of History & Biography, vol. 1, pg. 279)(VA State Records)

4. John Andrew Bryan also enlisted in Capt. Thomas Merriweather's Company, VA State Troops - private, March 1777 to serve three years. (Rev. War, War

Dept. records. Colonial Families of US., Vol VI, MacKinzie pg. 105)


Son Andrew Morrison Bryan

Grandson William Akers Bryan

G-Grandson Andrew Bryan

GG-Granddaughter Sarah Jane Bryan

GGG-Grandson William Thomas Arthur

GGGG-Grandson Edgar Wilson Arthur

GGGGG-Grandson E. David Arthur