Ellis Family Cemetery

Davidson County, North Carolina


This family cemetery is on land first purchased by Willis Ellis in then Rowan county, North Carolina, in 1758.  John W. Ellis, one of his grandsons,  was born on this land (November 23, 1820) and was the Governor of North Carolina when the state seceded from the Union.  He died in office on July 7, 1861.  Ellis Street in Salisbury bears his name, and his sister's home, which he shared, has been preserved.  He is now buried in the Old English Cemetery in Salisbury, but according to the notes of local historian William D. Kizziah, he was moved there from the original burial place in the family cemetery.  Indeed, a footstone bearing his initials still lies in the old cemetery.  The cemetery is on a tranquil wooded knoll overlooking the Yadkin River.  It is almost impossible to access except by boat.  Like many other historic cemeteries, it is in need of restoration.

A brick wall in the lower left of the photo marks
the boundary of the cemetery.

Periwinkle and native trees have invaded the


Anderson Ellis (1780-1832)
Father of Gov. John W. Ellis

Tombstone Inscriptions in the Ellis Family Cemetery
Jersey Settlement, Davidson county, NC

-- Transcribed by William D. Kizziah, 1943
   Rowan County Register of Deeds

Sacred to the Memory of Sarah Ann  Daughter of Anderson & Judith Ellis  Who was born June 23, A.D. 1823  and departed this life April 15, A.D. 1845

In Memory of JUDITH BAILEY  Wife of Anderson Ellis  Born Jan, 12, 1789  Died June 26, 1868   Until the Lord come

In Memory of Anderson Ellis  Who was born October 18th 1780, died Oct. 3rd 1832  Aged 53 years

In Memory of MARY ELLIS  wife of George B. Douglass  Who was born July 3rd 1825  died April 4th 1845  Aged 20 years

In Memory of MARY ELLIS  Who was born November 25, 1814 Died Sept. 30th 1815  Aged 10 months & 6 days

WILIE  Son of R. & M.L. Ellis  Born March 8, 1857  Died Sept. 20, 1859  Aged 2 years 6 mos & 12 days

BETTIE J.  Daughter of John & Mary Ellis  Born Oct. 1816  Died 1818

JOHN ELLIS Born A.D. 1782  Died April 23, 1816  Aged 34 years

ROBERT ELLIS  Died April 19, 1862  Aged 49 years, 5 mos. 15 days

Infant son of John & Mary B. Bradshaw  Born Oct. 4  Died Oct. 21, 1855

In Memory of RUFUS ELLIS  Who was born Dec. 5th 1811  died May 16th 1831  Aged 20 years

In Memory of Lucyl  Daughter of the late Anderson Ellis & consort of O. G. Foard  who departed this life April 14th 1840  Aged 26 years, 4 months, & 26 days

In Memory of SARAH ELLIS  Who was born June the 26th 1809, Died Sept. 26th 1815  Aged 6 years & 3 months

BETTIE  Daughter of R. & M.L. Ellis  Died Jan. 18, 1857  Aged 1 year, 2 mos. 11 days

ALFRED  Son of John & Mary Ellis  Died May 11, 1812  Aged 7 months & 21 days

In Memory of An Infant Daughter of W. Anderson & Mary G. Ellis  Born Aug. 9th, Died Sept. 11, 1850  Aged 4 weeks & 3 days

Foot stone with ''J. W. E.'' with headstone broken off and missing


A footstone with the Initials J. W. E.

The diamond marks the location of the cemetery. It is on the Davidson county bank of the Yadkin River between Salisbury and Lexington, NC.

Notes:  I am publishing this information because of its historical significance and because of the remote location of this family cemetery.  I don't know much other Ellis family geneology than what I've given, so please don't ask me about that. I'll be happy to answer any questions about the cemetery itself.  If there are some Ellises out there who would like to move this information to a family web site, please let me know.

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