Lucinda Pribble


My Great-Great- Grandmother, wife of John B. Arthur 1810 – After 1870


Lucinda was likely the second born child of James Pribble and Jane Reid. Her oldest brother James was born 1811, Nathaniel born 1822, and Peter born 1820.


Her father James died in 1822, see the account of his death at


Her mother, Jane Reid, contrary to many ancestry trees, remarried to William Elliot. She (age 70) and Peter (age 40) are in the 1860 Campbell County VA census. Nathaniel is in 1860 census next page, listed in household of Danny Mooreman and is age 37. This is the last record found for Nathaniel.


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Peter was in the Confederate Army, the same unit as Lucinda’s two sons, Lee and John Arthur. Peter died in 1863 and Jane Elliott his mother presented a claim for his possessions.

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Jane Reid Prebble, and William Elliott were married October 23, 1833 in Campbell County, VA - Suerty was James Arthur who is the brother of Lucinda’s husband John B. Arthur. William was Jane’s brother-in-law, he was previously married to Millicent Pribble, sister of Jane’s first husband James Prebble. William Elliott died in April of 1850. The 1850 Census in September list Jane Elliot as head of the household with step-son Matthew Elliott, Son Peter Elliott (actually Peter Prebble), and daughter Nancy Elliott.


Agriculture Census of 1850 shows Jane as Owner of 100 acres, 50 improved and 50 unimproved with a value of $800. Farm implements with value of $30, 1 horse, 1 milk cow, 1 beef cow, 12 swine, value of livestock $135. Production for year ended June 30, 1850 - Wheat 30 bushels, corn 160 bushels, oats 40 bushels. 120 lbs. wool, Peas & beans 50 bushels, irish potatoes 100 bushels, sweet potatoes 50 bushels, 300 lbs. butter, flax 100 lbs. flax seed 10 bushels, bee’s wax and honey 100 lbs. value of homemade manufacturing $100.


This land may be the same as purchased by William Elliott from John Pribble on Troublesome Creek in 1811.



Lucinda’s brother James, married Mary (Polly) Cloudis on Jan. 19th 1830 in Bedford County and raised a large family in Campbell County and died July 27th 1871 in Evington, VA.

Lucinda married John B. Arthur on March 14th 1836 and had 5 children, James, Hezekiah Lee Arthur (my Great-Grandfather), Jane, John, and Mary. Lucinda died in 1848 in Campbell County VA and her husband John remarried to Mary Elizabeth Guill. John’s brother William, married the sister of his second wife.


Lee Arthur in 1850 is 11 years old living with his father John and Step-Mother in Campbell County, VA. His Uncle William Martin Arthur is in the same household. In the same neighborhood lives his Grandfather Barnabas Arthur - , his Grandmother Jane Reid Pribble Elliott - , his Great-Grandfather John Pribble -  , and numerous Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins.




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