Robert Wade 1700 – 1770 – French and Indian War Veteran

My 6th Great Grandfather – David Arthur

ROBERT WADE, SR. (ANDREW3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born November 20, 1700 in James City County, VA, and died Bef. April 19, 1770 in Anheim Parish, Halifax County, VA (will proved date). He married ELIZABETH HAMPTON 1722 in Virginia. She was born Abt. 1700 in Virginia, and died in Anheim Parish, Halifax County, VA.

 Robert Wade Sr. of Halifax County served in the Virginia House of Burgesses for the terms 1758-1761 and 1761-1765.


 Halifax County, Virginia, Will Book O, Page 218 (Abstract, Shirley Wilcox)

 Will of Robert Wade (Sr.)

 Robert Wade, (Sr.), Antrim Parish, Halifax County, Va. "Being Sick of Body" sg. will 1 May, 1767, proven 19 April, 1770

 My wife, Elizabeth, "My tract of land whereon I now live together with my tract of land and Mill on Difficult Creek also I lend my said wife as much of my personal Estate as she shall think proper to take during her life or widowhood and at her death or marriage to be disposed as hereafter mentioned. My wife to have the disposal of all the increase of Sarah while in her possession & the slaves that she shall make choice of to be sold as soon as convenient after her death or marriage to the highest bidder of my sons and daughters & the rest of my personal estate that she shall make choice of to be sold to the highest bidder on twelve months credit the purchaser giving Bond & Security to my Acting Executors and the money arising by such sail (sic) before such Division of my Estate that then the parts of my said Estate that would have fallen to the deceased (were he or she living shall be equally divided amongst the sons and daughters of that deceased), but if my wife should make choice of any of the slaves that I shall bequeath to any of my children or grandchildren in this Will Its not my intent that an of those should be sold that they amediately (sic) at the Expiration of her natural life or widowhood descend to such of my children or grandchildren as they are given to them & their heirs forever."

 My s. John Wade, I give & bequeath Twenty Shillings Curr: Money to buy him a ring. I have given him the estate I intend already.

 My s. Stephen Wade, One Negro named Joe. I lend to my son Steven (sic) & wife, Susana, one Negro named Sarah during their lives & at their death I give the said Sarah to my grandson Robert Wade, son of Stephen Wade and w. Susana.

 My dt.-in-law, Ann Wade, widow of Robert Wade, Junior, deceased, I lend during her widowhood or till her son, Hampton Wade comes of lawful age to demand him, one Negro man named Jack, as soon as the said Hampton Wade comes of age of 21 years, I give the said Negro man Jack.

 My s. Charles, Wade, One Negro man slave named Sam; I also lend him during his life one Negro boy slave named Davie & at his death the said negro boy Davie I give to my grandson, Robert wade, son of the said Charles Wade, but if the said Robert Wade should die before his father, Charles Wade, then the said Charles Wade may dispose of the boy slave Davie in any manner he shall think proper.

 My d. Mary Hunt, Fifty Pounds Curr: Money I having given her one Negro woman slave named Nan already to her & her heirs forever.

 My d. Sarah Stokes, Fifty Pounds Curr: Money, I having giving her one Negro woman slave Tamer; one negro boy named Jammey & one Negro boy named Robin already all which I give to her &he heirs forever.

 My s. Edward Wade I bequeath my Mill and all my land lying on the N. side of Difficult Creek except that part of land I purchased of Mathew Marrable lying on the N. side of the sd. Creek. I also give & bequeath to him the said Edward Wade, that part of my land lying on the S. side of sd. Difficult Creek beginning at the moth of the branch that crosses the path leading from my house to my said Mill running thence up the said branch on meanders to the head thereof and thence to the nearest of the line of the said Mill Tract. I also bequeath to my son, Edward Wade, one Negro man slave named Dick & one Negro woman named Molly I having made him a Deed of Gift for one Negro girl named Anna all which I give to my said son, Edward Wade his heirs &c., with the restriction that if he the said Edward Wade should die without lawful begotten son or daughter that then the estate to him hereby given shall be sold and the money arising by such sail (sic) to be equally divided among my sons and daughters, or their heirs & assigns forever. I also give to my son, Edward Wade, Thirty head of hogs for the rebuilding of the Mill which is to be done with White Oak Plank and Fraiming (sic) & the charge of building to be paid out of my Estate. I also give to my son, Edward Wade, all my stock of all kinds running at the Mill.

 My gr-s. Benj. walker, Four Pounds Curr: money to be applyd in schooling him.

 My gr-s. Robert Wade, Son of my son, Hampton Wade & w. Jean, one Negro boy named Servella.

 My gr-s. Robert Wade, Son of my son Robert Wade, Junior, deceased, my tract of land whereon I now live on Staunton River together with part of the land I purchased of Mathew Marrable lying on the N. side of Difficult Creek & to join the tract given to Edward Wade on the South or lower side of Difficult Creek agreeable to bounds mentioned above. I also desire that the Dwelling House should be finished and paid for oout of my Estate and I desire my son, Edward Wade should take possession of the said plantation and land in his giving Bond and security to my Executors for giving my Grandson, Robert Wade six years schooling and for returning houses orchards & plantation in good repair when my Grandson, Robert Wade, sons of my son, Robert Wade, Junior, deceased, shall come to the age of 21 years. I also give unto my Grandson, Robert Wade, Negro boy named Giles &c.

 My neph.: Stephen Jones, Five Pounds Curr: Money, or a horse of value.

 Mentions: "My four negroes, Peter, Robin, Venus & Janey, may each of them have the chusing (sic) their master or mistress among my children who may have them at Price they may be appraised by giving Bond & Security to my Executors for the payment of the money one year after they receive them or any of them and the negroes to make choice of their Masters amediately (sic) after appraisement."


 My will & desire is that my Estate should be appraised Imediately (sic) after my Decease (sic) and a true and perfect Inventory taken and returned and I do appoint My Son, Edward Wade with Memucan Hunt and William Stokes to be the Executors of this my last will & testament. Robert wade/S/.

 wit.: Thos. Cobbs, Susanna Cobbs, John Bradley.

 At a Court held for Halifax County the 19th day of April 1770, this last will & Testament of Robert Wade deceased was exhibited in Court by Edward Wade and Memucan Hunt two of the Executors therein appointed and the same being proved by the oaths of the subscribing witnesses was ordered to be recorded (William Wade the Heir At Law Being Present and Acknowledging That he had no objection to such Proof) and William Stokes the other Executor therein also appointed here in court refusing the Executorship, the other Executor took the Oath by law prescribed & having together with the said William Stokes, Thomas Cobbs, James Legrande and William Wade their Securities entered into Bond as the Law directs & acknowledged the same certificate was granted them for obtaining Probate of the said Will in due form.

 Teste: Robt. Munford (Halifax C0o. Va.: W-Bk. 0, 1753-1772, Pt. 2, pp218-222._


More About ROBERT WADE, SR.:

 Occupation: Bet. 1758 - 1764, Burgess of Halifax County, VA


 Marriage: 1722, Virginia


i.   WILLIAM5 WADE, b. 1721, Virginia; d. 1782, Halifax County, VA.

ii.   JOHN WADE, b. 1723, Virginia; d. Abt. 1786, Halifax County, VA.

iii.   STEPHEN WADE, b. September 14, 1724, Lunenburg County, VA; d. 1771, Virginia.

iv.   CHARLES WADE, b. September 14, 1724, Lunenburg County, VA; d. Bef. May 23, 1814, Halifax County, VA.

v.   HAMPTON WADE, b. Abt. 1726; d. 1763, Halifax County, VA.

vi.   MARY WADE, b. September 3, 1736, Lunenburg County, VA; d. 1825, Granville County, NC.

vii.   ROBERT WADE, JR., b. October 11, 1736, Lunenburg County, VA; d. Bef. June 20, 1765, Halifax County, VA.

  viii.   SARAH WADE, b. 1739, Lunenburg County, VA; d. 1790; m. WILLIAM STOKES, April 19, 1759, Lunenburg County, VA.

  More About SARAH WADE:  Surety Bond: April 19, 1759, Surety by Robert Wade, Jr.WILLIAM STOKES and SARAH WADE: Marriage: April 19, 1759, Lunenburg County, VA

ix.   LT. EDWARD WADE, b. January 27, 1749/50, Halifax County, VA; d. April 26, 1776, Halifax County, VA.


HALIFAX COUNTY, VA - HISTORY - Burgesses, 1753-1775


Book Title: A History Of Halifax County (Virginia) By Wirt Johnson Carrington


    November 1,1753—May 1,1755—John Bates, William Harris.

    August, 1755—March, 1758—John Bates, William Harris.

    September 14,1758—January 12,1764—Robert Wade, Nathaniel Terry.

    October 30, 1764 — Nathaniel Terry, Edward Booker.

    1765 to 1768 — Edward Booker, Walter Coles.

    1769 — Nathaniel Terry, John Lewis.

    1769-1772— Nathaniel Terry, Walter Coles.

    1772-1774 — Nathaniel Terry, Isaac Coles.

    June, 1775 — Nathaniel Terry, Micajah Watkins.



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1767, May 1.—Will of Robert Wade, Sr.

"To my beloved wife, Elizabeth," land and mill on Difficult Creek. All estate to be divided at wife's death between children and grandchildren—"share and share alike" Sons Robert (deceased) John, Stephen, and Susannah, his wife, "My daughter-in-law, Ann Wade, wife of Robert Wade, (deceased) Hampton Wade, (son of Robert deceased) not yet of age, my son Charles Wade, my daughter Mary Hunt, daughter Sarah Stokes, my son Edward Wade, grandson Benjamine Walker, grandson Robert Wade (son of Hampton Wade, and Jean his wife); nephew Stephen Jones."

Executors: "My son Edward Wade, Memucan Hunt, William Stokes.

"Robert Wade, Sr."

Last Will and Testament LWT


Robert Wade, Sr. was a Militia Captain in French and Indian War, was elected to the House of Burgesses. The House of Burgesses of Virginia was the first legislative assembly of elected representatives in North America.


John Echols, son of William Echols and Sarah Turner served during the French and Indian War in Captain Robert Wade's Company. John kept a journal of the exploits of Capt. Robert Wade's Company of the Halifax County Militia.

Journal of Capt. Robert Wade Company "Capt. Robert Wade march't from Mayo Fort with 35 men in order to take a range to the New River in search of our enemy Indians. We marcht about three miles that day to a Plantation where Peter Rentfro formerly lived and took up camp. Next morning we marcht along to a place called Gobling Town where we Eat our Brakefast, and so continued our march and took up our camp that night at the foot of the Blew Ledge" "Next Day we crossed the Blew Ledge and marched to Francis Eason's Plantation and continued there that night. Our hunters brought in a plentiful supply of venison. Next morning begin Tuesday the 15th we marcht down to Richard Ratcliff's plantation on Meadow Creek where we continued that night. Next morning sent out Spyes and hunters to Spy for enemy signs and to hunt for provisions" Echols told how they spent several days there, and then one day five Indians came very unexpectedly upon them. He said the Indians "stood in amaise and Reason they had, for I suppose there were twenty guns presented at them. They said they were Cherokees. I made sign to them to shew me their Pass But they had none. They had with them five head of horse and Skelps that appeared to be whitemen. Four of the horses appeared as tho' they had been recently taken, the other was very poor." There was a hunter with them named Abraham Dunkleberry who said the Indians were Cherokees, but that they evidently were rogues. The Captain was doubtful of what he should do, but finally allowed the Indians to depart, which greatly displeased the men who said there was no use in ranging if the enemy were to be allowed to go after catching them. So after the hunter Dunkleberry had packed up his skins and gone the Captain appointed twelve men to go after the Indians, and overtaking them in an Orchard they killed four and wounded the other. Then finding so many Indian signs about and their ammunition running low, the decided to return. On Tuesday the 22nd they ate dinner on Blackwater Creek and spent the night on Robert Jones' plantation at the head of Pigg River. The following day "myself and four more left the company and went across by Gobling Town and came to Mayo Fort that night. The Captain and the rest of the men tells us they came to Hickey's Fort that night and the next day to Mayo Fort. I remember no more worth making a Remark of, so courteous reader, I Rem Yrs. Etc. John Echols"


In 1758 the General Assembly provided that the soldiers who had seen active service in the war should be paid. The following list of officers was given from Halifax:

•Captain Thomas Calloway

•Captain Peter Wilson and a company of militia

•Captain James Dillard and a company of militia

•Captain Robert Wooding and a company of militia

•Captain Robert Wade and a company of militia

•Lieutenant Thomas Green and a company of militia

•Lieutenant Thomas Spraggin and a party of militia


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