Wade Hampton - Revolutionary War Veteran

(My 3rd Cousin 7 times removed David Arthur)

Third Cousin of Hampton Wade, of Halifax Co. VA



Wade Hampton - Born 1752 and Died February 4 1835

He married Margaret Flud


Thomas Hampton, 1623 - 1690, (My 9th Great Grandfather David Arthur) was the great-great-grandfather of Wade Hampton b. 1752 d. February 4, 1835), a South Carolina soldier, politician, two-term U.S. Congressman, and wealthy plantation owner. He was the scion of the politically important Hampton family, which was influential in state politics almost into the 20th century.


Wade Hampton served in the American Revolution as a Lieutenant Colonel in a South Carolina volunteer cavalry regiment. And was a Democratic-Republican member of Congress for South Carolina from 1795 to 1797 and from 1803 to 1805, and a presidential elector in 1801.






His son Wade Hampton II and grandson Wade Hampton III also became prominent in South Carolina social circles and politics. The younger man served as the state's first Democratic Party governor after the American Civil War, and then was elected to the United States Senate. During the war, he had a distinguished career as a general in the Confederate army.

Wade Hampton III (My 5th Cousin 5 times removed David Arthur)



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