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First Digital Photo ever taken of
David and Will
at Epoch Center Disney World

"The man who has nothing to boast of but his illustrious ancestry is like the potato. The best part is underground."
Quote from - Sir Thomas Overbury (1581 - 1613) My 10th Great Uncle

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Will's Family - All Known Individuals Updated 2017:

The Math of Genealogy:

My Paternal Ancestory - Arthur, Wade, Hunt, Bryan, Ellis, Mayes, Coffee, Sweeney, Mattox, Mason, Dalton, Murray, Matthews, Prebble

My Great-Grandfather Lee Arthur:

My 6th Great-Grandfather John Ellis (Bear Story):

My 6th, 7th & 8th Great-Grandfather John Ellis Family:

My 10th Great-Grandfather Rev. William (Mease) Mays:

My 5th Great-Grandfather William Akers - Rev. War Veteran:

My 4th Great-Grandfather James Pemberton DeJarnette - Rev. War Veteran:

My 11th Great-Grandmother Isobel Tressam Mays:

My 29th Great-Grandfather William the Conqueror:

Inventor of the 5 String Banjo:

My 4th Great-Grandfather Thomas Hunt – Rev. War Veteran :

My 6-Great-Grandfather Peter Coffee:

My 5th Great-Grandfather William Coffee – Rev. War Veteran :

The Bryan Line – 2nd Cousin-in-law 6 times removed, Daniel Boone :

My 4th Great-Grandfather John Prebble – Rev. War Veteran :

My 4th Great-Grandfather John Prebble – Burial Site :

My 7th Great-Grandfather Thomas Prebble:

Peter Coffee's Grandson General John R. Coffee:The Presidential Connection

Peter Coffee's Grandson General John E. Coffee:The US Congressman

Jack Hays - Texas Ranger - Cousin of the wife of John R. Coffee:

My 10th Great-Grandfather - William Hampton 1592 – 1652 – The “immigrant” 1620:

My 3rd Cousin 7x Removed - Wade Hampton - Revolutionary War Veteran & Congressman :

My 6th Great-Grandfather - Patrick Boyd 1711 – 1762 :

My 5th Great-Grandfather - George Boyd 1740 – 1802 Revolutionary War Veteran & Veteran of the French and Indian War :

My 9th Great-Grandfather - Edward Wade I 1611 – 1675 – The Imigrant and His Ancestors :

My 6th Great-Grandfather - Robert Wade 1700 – 1770 – French and Indian War Veteran :

My 5th Great-Grandfather - Hampton Wade:

My 10th Great-Grandfather - Dr. Thomas Gerrard:

My Royal Conection, From Old King Cole to Constantine:

My 3rd Great-Grandfather Barnabas Arthur:

Cousin Gabriel Arthur:

Family Photo Album ---- Be Patient for Loading:

Hunt Family Cemetery - Elijah (3-Great Grandfather, Ryland & Emily (2-Great Grandparents), Ziporah (Great Grandmother:

Annie Arthur Hankins 90th Birthday:

My Maternal Ancestory - Overby, Buttner, Skinner, Edmonds, Inge, Williamson

My Grandfather James Overby - Storytelling:

David Overby Reunion:

David Overby Family Cookbook 1986:

My Great-Great-Grandfather's Overby Bible:

My Great-Great-Grandfather William Epps Overby:

My Great-Great-Great-Grandfather, Robert Overby's Grave site:

The Overby Family Line from England:

My 10th Great-Uncle - Sir Thomas Overbury:

My 10th Great-Grandfather - Edward Palmer - Univ. Endowment:

My 10th Great-Grandfather - Jerome Bassano - Composer of music at the Royal Court:

My 9th Great-Grandfather - John Chandler - “Ancient Planter" In Jamestown 1610:

My 8th Great-Grandfather Nicholas Overby - The Immigrant:

The Family Line To Anne Boleyn:

My 12th Great-Grandfather Sir Nicholas Pelham:

My 14th Great-Grandfather Thomas Pelham - Lady Dianna's 15th G-Grandparents:

Nicholas Ye Younger Overby Deeds:

My 5th Great-Grandfather James Williamson - Rev. Battle "Huck's Defeat":

My 3rd Great-Grandfather Charles Williamson - War of 1812 Veteran:

My 4th Great-Grandfather George Williamson - Revolutionary War Veteran:

My 4th Great-Grandfather Vincent Inge Family Bible:

Ancestral Home
Lunenburg County, VA

My Ancestral Military Service

Ancestral Military Service:

Ginny's Ancestors

Ginny's Ancestors:

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Making Molasses:


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Kettlesitck Farm Tours, Stays, Vacations:

Read about the Healthy Foods:

Interpretive Sign Panels for Environmental Education:

Central High School Alumni 5K Run/Walk:

Antioch United Methodist Church:

Lunenburg Historical Society:

Wright Christmas 2009:

Interpretive Outdoor Panels and Identification Markers:


Mama's Cookbook:

Mama's Birthday 2007:

My '71 Chevelle:

Wright Reunion 98:

Handmade Greeting Cards:

Eagle Scout Project Nature Trail Markers:

Nature Trail and Nature Center Identification Markers:

Interpretive Signs, Nature Trail and Nature Center Signs and Markers:

Outdoor Environmental Education Nature Center Identification Markers:

Halloween 2001:

Outdoor Classrom, Nature Trail, Plant, Wildlife, Tree Identification Markers:

Will's 7th Grade Science Project - 2003:

My Backyard - Cheraw,SC:

More Backyard - Cheraw,SC:

Will's Pets - Cheraw,SC:

Snow 1-22-00:

It Snowed Again! 1-25-00:

Snow 2-26-04:

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