Judith Greene

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 Judith Greene 
birt: 1588
plac: St. Dunstan, Stepney, England
deat: 1636
plac: Virginia

William Swann
marr: 04-16-1612
plac: St. Dunstain's Church, Middlesex, England
birt: 1586
plac: Gravesend, Kent, England
deat: 1638
plac: Swann's Point, Surry Co. VA
 Margery Showell 

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Judith GREENE 1588 - 1636 RESIDENCE: of Ratcliff, parish of Stepney, London, England [S1817] BIRTH: 1588, St. Dunstan, Stepney, England DEATH: 1636, Virginia Father: Richard GREENE of Ratcliff Mother: Margery SHOWELL Family 1 : William AUSTEN MARRIAGE: 7 Jul 1609, St. Dunstan, Stepney, England Family 2 : William SWANN "the Immigrant" MARRIAGE: 16 Apr 1612, St. Dunstain's Church, Middlesex, England +Edward SWANN Sr. +Thomas SWANN Mathew SWANN Samuel SWANN John SWANN James SWANN Notes "Ratcliff was a hamlet next to Limehouse, just before the Thames sweeps around in the great loop which now contains the Canary Wharf development. Its name meant Red Cliff, and was a place favoured to land cargoes in earlier days because the bank s of the Thames were firm, and not muddy at low water. Much of old Ratcliff was destroyed in a fire of 1794. In 1612 all of the parishes downstream from the Tower of London on the north bank of the Thames, namely Wapping, Shadwell, Ratcliff and Limehouse, came under the parish of Stepney. Its name seems to have almost disappeared from the London landscap e of today, unlike its neighbouring hamlets. On 30 June 1928 a Memorial Tablet was erected at Brunswick Wharf, Blackwall, to commemorate that from close by that vicinity, in December 1606, the three vessels Godspeed, Susan Constant and Discovery left on the voyage which led to the foundatio n of the Colony of Virginia."