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birt: 1756
plac: VA
deat: OCT. 1812
plac: Prince Edward Co. VA

Mourning Burrell
marr: 1778
plac: VA
birt: 1762
plac: VA
deat: 1840
plac: Prince Edward Co. VA
 Anne Mildred Semore 

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William Sweeney was living in Prince Edward County, Va. during the Revolution. He rendered service to the Revolutionary Army by purchasing supplies. On Nov. 11, 1781, a public service claim was issued to him by John Norton, District Commissar y as follows: “No. 40. 1 hereby certify I have received for public use of Willm Swenia one Beef adjudged to weigh two hundred pounds including the fifth quarter, given under my hand this 11th day of Nov. 1781. John Norton D. Com. Prince Edward” Certificate # Reg. C 8552 Va. State Library” His name is spelled “William Swenney” for more beef furnished Nov. 13, 1783, Requisition No. C 8552. It is now known just where William Swinney or Sweeney lived before he came to Prince Edward County. The Virginia Census for 1785 shows that one Moses Sweeney and two Moses Swinneys were living there then. A Moses and William Sweeney were livin g in New Kent in 1782 and Moses Swenney was still living there in 1785. Elizabeth Swinney was head of a family in Amelia in 1782. Also other Swinneys were living in Amherst and Pittsylvania. There were none living in Elizabeth City or Norfol k in 1782-85 which indicates they had scattered to other counties or states. On May 8, 1809, John Sweeney and Nancy, his wife, of Davidson County, Tennessee, sold to William Sweeney of Prince Edward for $200.00 one hundred and thirty acres on the river Appomattox between Patterson and Floods Mill. Wits. Thomas Watson, Joh n Taggart, Stephen Pettus (DB 14—1806-12 p 277). On April 28, 1808, William Sweeney and Mourning, his wife, deeded Jeremiah Hardwick 29 acres on south side of Appomattox River in Prince Edward Co. Wits: Abner Coffee, Edmund Sweeney. They sold to Liddy Swenney, Feb. 21, 1812, 12 acres on north si de of land called John Kelly’s. Wits. William Patterson, Josphua Coffee Jr., Robert Kelso, James Mcflearman, Richard McDearman and Sipe Coffee? (DB 14- 1806-12, p 610). William Sweeney made his will in Prince Edward. Feb. 14. 1812. and same was proven Oct. 19, 1812. He bequeathed to wile, MOURNING SWINNEY, one third part of his estate during life; to dau. MARY DAY 20sh; to dau, TALLITHACUMY KELLEY 2Osh; to dau . LAVY? SWINNEY the plantation where I live after death of wife except ten acres of tract adjoining the lands of John Kelley to my dau. LIDDY SWINNEY; to son JOHN SWINNEY 20sh; SUSANNA LAX ? 20sh. After death of LIDDY SWINNEY the 10 acre s is to go to her son TALLARD SWINNEY; To dau. MARY WOLDRIDGE 20sh. To WILLIAM SWINNEY all my land and personal estate not disposed of and after wife’s death her 1/3 part of land & personal estate. To grand dau. Rebecky Day (wife of John Day) feat her bed and furniture. John B. Sadler, William Patterson and John Swenney Sr. exetrs. Wits. Robert Sadler, Pryor Wright Jr. R. C. Wright, Henry Swenney (W.B. 4-1807-15, p359). (Probation of will was opposed by Abner Lax who had married Susannah Sweeney) -------- Prince Edward Co, VA January 1817 This is the plot of 200 and 4 acres of land lying in the said County on both sides of Plain Run and bounded as stated above the ___?. Fig. the 1st contains one acre of land sold by Wm. Sweeney, dec'd to Prior Wright and bounded as follows at a ___ ? near a corner beach, thence down Plain Run N 51 E 12 poles to corners 21 E 15 poles, corner rocks S 63 W 11 1/2 poles to a branch, thence down the same N 21 W 12 poles to the 1st station. Fig. the 2nd contains 22 acres, 12 acres of which was sol d by Wm. Sweeney, dec'd to his daughter, Lydia, and 10 acres was given by William to said Lydia Sweeney, and is bounded as specified around 2nd lot. Fig. the 3rd contains 181 acres given by the last will of Wm. Swinney, dec'd to his daughter Salley Swinney, after the death of widow Swinney, the whole being a part of the real estate of Wm. Swinney, dec'd, and that part of which he resided durin g his life. Surveyed by Samuel F. Moses ----------- More About WILLIAM SWEENEY: Fact 1: Crippled in arm Military service: Ensign/War of 1812/VA Residence: Lived in New Kent Co, VA Will: 19 October 1812, Will: Prince Edward Co, VA/Left 7 daughters & 2 sons