John2 Sweeney

 Moses Sweeney 
 William Sweeney 
  Anne Mildred Semore 
 John2 Sweeney 
birt: 9-17-1783
plac: Prince Edward Co, Virginia
deat: 7- JAN 1855
plac: Sweeney Plantation, Brazoria Co, Texas
 Mourning Burrell 

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John Sweeney, son of William and Mourning Sweeney. was born in Prince Edward Co., Va. Sept. 17, 1783, died Jan. 7, 1855 Sw. Plantation, Brazoria County, Texas, married Aug. 18, 1808, Charlotte Co. Va. Ann Fuller Smith, born Sept. 25,1788, Ch arlotte Co., Va. died Jan. 25, 1848, Brazoria County. Texas. Children: I. William Burrell Sweeny, b. June 4, 1810, m. Elizabeth Newell II. Thomas Jefferson Sweeny, b. Sept. 10, 1812, m. Frances Haynie III. John Sweeny Jr., 1. March 16, 1818, m. Kate Fuicrod IV. Sophia Sweeney, b. Dec. 1, 1819, m. (1) dward L. Holmes. (2) John Mccrew V. Jordan WoodsonSweeny, b. Feb. 26, 1822. m. MaryE. Parks (2) (See later) VI. Lafayette Sweeny. b. Dec. 2, 1824, d. unmarried VII. Samuel Pinkney Sweeny, b. Aug. 7, 1827, m. Agnes Ann Dial VIII. Benjamin Franklin Sweeny, b. Oct. 21, 1829, m. Lizza Ann Porter IX. Sarah E. M. Sweeny, b. Feb. 19, 1834, died young Jordan Woodson Sweeny, born Feb. 26, 1822, Nashville, Davidson Co., Tennessee, died Sept. 1874, Brazoria, Texas, married Oct. 5, 1855, as his second wife, in Franklin, Williamson Co Tenn., Mary Elizabeth Sanders Parks, born May 25, 1833, Franklin , Tenn., died March 18, 1874, Sweeny Plantation, Brazoria Co. Texas. Children: By his first wife: I. Anna Della Sweeny, b. 1847, m. Eugene Wilson II. Sophie, b. 1850. died young By his second wife: Mary Elizabeth Sanders Parks III. William Sweeny, b. 1853, d. unmarried IV. Molly Sweeny, b. 1854, m. Ed Andrus V. Walter Sweeny, b. 1661, m. Emma Roundtree VI. Beulah Sweeny, b. 1663, d. unmarried VII. Musetta Sweeny, b. March 18. 1874, m. W. M. Holland. (See later) Musetta Sweeny, born March 18, 1874, Sweeny Plantation, Brazoria Co., Texas, died, Oct. 28, 1925, Houston, Harris Co. Texas. married Feb. 2, 1897, Houston, Texas, Wesley Mastin Holland, born Jan. 27, 1862. Birmingham, Marshall Co., Ky. died, Jul y 2. 1930, Houston, Texas. Their daughter, Catherine Holland. was born April 29, 1898, Houston. Texas, and married Sept. 15, 1921, Houston, Texas, John Howard Bannister, born July 23. 1895, Kewanee, Henry Co., Ill., son of John Conkey Bannister an d Frances Bryant Bannister. John H. Bannister was an Officer in the Naval Air Corps in World War I. Catherine H. Bannister, Postmaster Old Ocean. Texas (11 years) was educated at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas, two year Law Student Harri s County school teacher. The Bannisters have two children: John Holland Bannister, born Sept. 24, 1922, married Nancy Moss, and Wesley Martin Bannister, born Oct. 11, 1937. a college student.