Edward Wade II

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 Edward Wade II 
birt: Abt 1640
deat: Bef 1682
plac: York County, VA

Mary Hampton
marr: Aft NOVEMBER 1670
birt: 1651
plac: Wilmington Parish, York, VA
deat: 1700
plac: New Kent, VA

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EDWARD2 WADE II (EDWARD1) was born Abt. 1640, and died Bef. 1682 in York County, VA. He married (1) (1). He married (2) MARY HAMPTON Aft. 1670 in Wilmington Parish, James City County, VA, daughter of THOMAS HAMPTON. Notes for EDWARD WADE II: First Located: Father's Will Last Located: Before 1704 Rent Roll Will of Edward Wade (Father of Edward Wade II) Pages 11-13, 9 Nov 1675, Proved 24 Apr 1677 at Court for York County By 1680 some of Edward Wade's family are no longer living in York County but instead have moved just a few miles south to James City County. The reason becomes obvious. Mary Hampton Duke had married Edward Wade sometime after November 1670. Sh e had a large estate in James City that had been given to her by her father Thomas Hampton. This estate next to Henry Duke became the home place for some of the Wades for years. Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume II, Patent Book 8, Page 328 A patent dated 20 April 1694 to Mr. Edward Wade for 83 acres in James City County must pertain to Edward Wade II, James City County adjoins York County. This parcel was next to land of John Hixe on a branch of Warrany Swamp, land formerly belongi ng to Mr. Collins, land of Gammase foy, Rockahock path and Warrany land. Notes for MARY HAMPTON: Record of Heirs: Great-grandsons are names Hampton Wade Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume II, Patent Book 6, Page 174 Mrs. Mary Wade 463 acres James City County on a br. of Tiascun Sw., 20 April 1682. Which 463 acres together with 100 acrs belongs to Joseph Presont, begins at Grimes old line to Capt. Hen Duke, to mouth of Preson's spring br. by Esq. Bray's Plant ation, along Br. Burnell; down Warrany Run; etc. Granted to Mr. Thomas Hampton 8 March 1658 for 400 acres and by him (Preston's 100 acres, excepted) assigned to sd. Mary Wade, by name duke, 30 November 1670; further due for trans. 4 persons, Fra . Heyne, Robert Griffiths, Robt. Cannon, Morris Mosely. More About EDWARD WADE and MARY HAMPTON: Marriage: Aft. 1670, Wilmington Parish, James City County, VA Children of EDWARD WADE and (1) are: 5. i. EDWARD3 WADE III, b. 1660, Virginia; d. James City County, VA. 6. ii. JAMES WADE, SR., b. Abt. 1665, New Kent County, VA; d. 1740, Hanover County, VA. Children of EDWARD WADE and MARY HAMPTON are: iii. THOMAS3 WADE, b. Abt. 1670. 7. iv. ANDREW WADE, b. Abt. 1670, Virginia; d. 1740, Hanover, VA. v. HENRY WADE, b. Abt. 1671. vi. JOHN WADE, b. Abt. 1672; d. Bef. 1704.