Edward Wade I

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birt: 1611
plac: London, England
deat: 1675
plac: Hampton Parish, York County, VA


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Edward Wade emigrated from England to Virginia on board the ship Paule in July, 1635, Aged 24 years. Leonard Betts, Master, bound to Virginia per certificate from the Minister of Gravesend of their Conformitie to the Church of England. Info from National Archieves Ships List - American Genealogical Research Society. York County Records, Book 2 from "Virginia Colonial Abstracts", Volume 1, by Beverly Fleet. Note: Book 2 ends in 1648 but the next book, called Book 1 begins 1652. Therefore, four years are skipped. Page 88: (Amount) Due to the estate of Reverend Geo. Hopkins Dec 1644. 84 tytheable persons at 1 bushel per poll is 56 barr, 4 bush. (Various Names) Page 89: Elias Richardson Edward Wade Richard Harrison Page 129: Indenture 10 September 1640 between Wm Caynehooe of Cheskeack, Clerk, Signed 1642 Reassigned, 27 October 1642 and Signed. Charles Deny assigns all rights to this lease. 27 ___ 1643. Witness Edward Wade Page 195: Bill Dated 9 October 1646. Chas. Deny to pay Edward Wade 1600 lbs tobo. 10 October next. Signed. Witness Robert Harrison, Edw. Jenkins. Deny to bind 3 cows as security. In the following source, some of the patents are the same as above. This is just a different source, but since it goes further, it also includes Edward Wade making his own patent by 1662. If he was the first Edward mentioned in the colonial recor ds, he would be about 50 years old. When he made one of his pattents he refers to land owned by Francis Burwell who also had Thomas Hampton as a neighbor. At this time, Edward lived in Hampton Parish, York County. This is the first time Edward Wad e and Thomas Hampton are shown living near each other. Therefore sometime after this date, it would be easy to imagin that one of Edward's sons married Thomas Hampton's daughter, Mary. Cavaliers and Pioneers Patent Book Number 1, Part II Robert Martin, 250 acres, Lower New Nor. Co. 12 October 1638, Beg in Eliz. R. due for his own per. adv. & trans. of his wife Elizabeth martin, Edward Wade, Robert Masters, Rebecca Smith. Edward Wade received land Patent 1662, Diascund Swamp, Chickahominy River, York County, Virginia Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume 1, Patent Book 5, Pages 342, 351 and 543 Edward Wade was in Virginia by 18 March 1662 when, as Mr. Edward Wade, he received a patent for 350 acres of land when were part of a tract of 2000 acres belonging to Mr. Francis Burwell. Wade's parcel adjoined lands of John Johnson and Adam Mile s. On 18 June 1663 Mr. Edward Wade acquired 150 acres in York County which formerly had belonged to William Cainho who died with the land reverting to the king. A patent to John Overstreet on 07 September 1667 described his 37 acres of land as bein g in Hampton Parish, York County, adjacent to Edward Wade, Jeoffrey Moore, Thomas Dennet and Zachary Padeyes. York County Records - Book 1, continued from "Virginia Colonial Abstracts", Volume 1, by Beverly Fleet. Page 342: Martin Baker to Edward Wade (sic) 100 acres, 5 September 1652. Witness Adam Myles, John Fripps recorded July 1650 by then clerk, Robert Bouth, Second assignment 24 June 1675 by Thos. Ballard, Cl. Cur. Records of York County, William Mary Quarterly, volume 26, Number 1 (July 1917), Pages 27-37. William Hatton's Contempt of Court 24 October 1662 Whereas William Hatton (who formerly complained of by Mr. Edmond Peeters (sic) one of his Majesties Justices for contemning his warrant) was this day presented to the court by Edward Wade, Church warden of Hampton Parish. The fact that Edward Wade was addressed as "Mr." in his patents indicates that he was a man of some stature and importance in the colony. Occupation/Service: 1668, Church Warden, Church of England, Hampton Parish, York County, Virginia Will of Edward Wade Pages 11-13, 9 November 1675, Proved 24 April 1677 at Court for York County Edward Wade of Hampton Parish in York Co. To be buried in the orchard I now live by my family. To my son William Wade 100 acres of land in Hampton Parish. To my grandson Samuel Bond 150 acres at the head of Ware Creek in New Kent County, bu t if he should die without issue, then to my daughter Jane the wife of Jeremiah Laundy. To my wife Jane, two servants, William Greystoke and Anne Elmore, and my old grey gelding. To William Wade, my son, furniture and one servant, John Constant . To my grandchild Edward Wade, one mare foal, my mare Rose. To my daughter Dorothy, the wife of Thomas Huncocke (?) the first mare foal that my old mare shall bring forth. To my son Edward Wade one cow between five and six years old. My wife Jan e Wade, ex'ix. To William Swinnerton 20/-, Witnesses: John Constant, William Swinnerton. Estate Administration: April 24, 1677, York County, Virginia More About EDWARD WADE: Burial: In the Orchard "where I now live by my family", York County, VA Christening: Church of England Occupation: 1668, Church Warden, Church of England, Hampton Parish, York County, VA Will: November 9, 1675, Court of York County, April 24 1677, Pages 11-13 Notes for JANE: Will of Edward Wade Pages 11-13, 9 Nov 1675, Proved 24 Apr 1677 at Court for York County Children of EDWARD WADE and JANE are: 2. i. EDWARD2 WADE II, b. Abt. 1640; d. Bef. 1682, York County, VA. 3. ii. MARGARET WADE, b. Abt. 1641, Hampton Parish, York County, VA. 4. iii. DOROTHY WADE, b. Abt. 1650. iv. JANE WADE, b. Abt. 1652, Hampton Parish, York County, VA; m. JEREMIAH LAUNDY. Notes for JANE WADE: Will of Edward Wade Pages 11-13, 9 Nov 1675, Proved 24 Apr 1677 at Court for York County Notes for JEREMIAH LAUNDY: Cavaliers and Pioneers, Volume II Jeremiah Lundy obtained a patent for 1600 acres of land on the southeast side of York River in New Bent County, Virginia, on 20 April 1685, and another for 361 acres in New Kent County, Blissland Parish, on 20 April 1689.