Laurence Hampton

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 Laurence Hampton 
birt: 1558
plac: Twickenham, Middlesex, England
deat: bef ORE 11 NOVEMBER 1
plac: Middlesex, England

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William Hampton's father, Laurence, died 1612 and is buried in Deerhurst, Gloucester. So many mistakenly give Laurence's date of death as 1627, when of course it was Laurence/Lawrence II, the son, who died in 1627, and left the will that tell s us so much. "Deerhurst," by Goerge Butterworth: the Parish lands: 1612: LAURENCE HAMPTON for arable land….viijs; HUGHE HAMPTON for arable land….iijs," From: Virginia Mylius, 'Southern Cousins,' ­http­://­www­.­oursoutherncousins­.­com­/­dehampto n­.­html­ ---------------------- Cemetery: Deerhurst Note: "1612, 11 November - Laurence Hampton," Source: 'Deerhurst, Forthampton & Eldersfield,' Deerhurst, Gloucestershire, Volume 1 1559-1661, Part 4 – Burials 1601-1623, 1630,