William Love

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 William Love 
birt: ABT 1638
plac: England
deat: 25 NOV 1680
plac: Charles County, Maryland

Judith Gerrard
birt: 1640
plac: England
deat: AFT 1696
plac: St. Mary's County, Maryland

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William Love Sex: M Birth: ABT 1638 in England Death: 25 NOV 1680 in Charles County, Maryland - Probate Note: === Love, William, Charles County, 28th Oct., 1680; 25th Nov., 1680. To godson Richard Robbins, 100 A. Sd. land to pass to Thomas, son of testator, in event of death of Richard afsd. without hrs. Son Thomas ex. and residuary legatee of estate, real and personal, at 16 yrs. of age. Overseers: Richd. Chandler, Adam Boucher. Test: Wm. Theobald, Jos. King. 2. 102. === William Love 8.258 I CH ¹35,8,0 Jul 10 1682 The inventory also Included #1404. Appraisers: John Butcher, James Wheeler, List of debts: William Wells,, Thomas Harrison, John Davis in name of Adam Butcher. ===== Robert Toate 10.22 I SM ¹36.8.0 Jun 28 1688 The amount of the inventory also included #3758, Appraisers: Justinian Gerard, Thomas Autaway. List of debts: Thomas Love, Arthur Thompson, John Whitehead, Robert Slye, Thomas Renolds, David Parsones, Francis Mason, Mr. Frow, William Walker, John Noe (?), Marmaduke Semes, Allexander Standish, Edward Philpot, Edward Wadham. === Samuel Love gave this deposition (abstract) concerning Westwood Manor: "LOVE, Samuel, age 72, 24 July 1758, stated that both his mother and grandmother told him about the beginning tree of Westwood Manor, that his grandmother owned 100 a. of th e said Manor, and that his grandfather bought the said 100 a. from Thomas Garrard; CHLR H#3 572" [Maryland Genealogical Society Bulletin; Winter 1993 Vol 34 No 1; Charles County Depositions by Robert W. Barnes; Continued from vol. 33, no 4, p. 693 ; CHLR=Charles County land records (followed by Book:page, if known).] === Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 10 May 1663, Page 120 Daniell Gordian and his wife Mary Gordian acknowledge the sale of their former plantation being 100 acres of land on the west side of Portobacco Creek to Francis Wine; sworn before George Thompson William Codwell assigns to Francis Wine, cooper, all rights in the patent and land therein belonging to me; 12 May 1663; /s/ William Codwell (mark); wit. Thomas Lomax, Meverell Hulse Daniell Johnson and Richard Morris' rights assigned to Codwell; recorded this record 4 Nov 1662 === Charles County Circuit Court, Liber B, 8 November 1664, Page 390, 391 Martin Mackenny acknowledges conveyance to William Love: Indenture; 31 Oct 1664; from Martin Mackenny, planter, to William Love, planter, for 7000# of tobacco in cask; 4800# down by bill; 2200# in 1665; a parcel of land on the west side of Portobacco Creek of 100 acres now occupied by Martin Mackeny an d lately Francis Wine, cooper; /s/ Martin Mackenny; wit. Abraham Rowse, James Mackey (mark) === Charles County Circuit Court Liber D, Page 109 15 Aug 1669; Indenture from Alex. Davies, planter, to William Love, planters; for 3,900# of tobacco; a tract of land being part of the land formerly taken up by James Lindsey now occupied by Thom. King; bounded by Poynton of William Stone; contain ing 100 acres; /s/ Alex. Davies (mark); wit. Benja. Rozer, Tho. Jenkins === Charles County Circuit Court Liber S, Page 275 26 Apr 1694; Indenture from Thomas Love to Philip Hoskins, Gent.; for 5s; a parcel of land on the west side on Portobacco Creek where his father William Love did live; containing 100 acres; /s/ Thomas Love (mark); wit. Wm. Barton, Henry Hawkins , Cleborne Lomax; in return Philip Hoskins to care for Thomas Love for the rest of his natural life; Hoskins also to receive cattle, horses, chattel, and other possessions === Proceedings of the County Court of Charles County, 1658-1666 Volume 53, Page 534-536 Martin Mackenny accknowledged This Ensueing Conueyance of Land To Wm Love This Indenture made the One and Thirtieth day of October Anno One Thowsand Six Hundred Sixty & Fowre Betweene Martin Mackeny of Charles County In the puince of Maryland planter of the one pty And William Love of the Same County ptntr of the other pty Wittneseth That the said Martin Mackeny as well for and In Consideracon of the quantety of Seaven Thowsand pounds of Tobacco and Caske in hand paid before the Ensealeing and Delivery hereof That is to Say Fowre Thowsd Eight Hundred ready downe by bill and two Thowsand Two hundred more Anno One Thowsan d Six hundred Sixty and Five by the Said William Love as also for divers other good Causes & Consideracons him hereunto moueing have granted bargained and Sold Assigned Sett Ouer & Confirmed and by these psents doe fully Clearely & Absolutely gran t bargaine Sell Assigne Sett ouer and Confirme Unto the Sayd William Love his heires Executrs Admrs and Assignes All that pcell of land Scittuate lying and being In Charles County afore menconed on the west side of Pnrtohacco Creeke In the said County and puince of Maryland begining att A marked White Oke with twelfe notch es Runinge Up the said Creeke for breadth to A locus Tree blowne up by the Rootes marked with twelfe notches and Runinge Up Into the Woods North West for Length of One hundred Acres of Land and now In the Tenore or occupacon of him the said Marti n Mackeny or his Assignes and Lately In the Tenore And Occupacon of Francis Wyne Cooper of the same County all & SInguler wch Said pcell Of Land together [p. 391] wth all and Singuler the howse, Buildings Structures, or Edifices, whatsoever thereu nto belonging or Appertayneing, together with all the Orchards, Gardens, pastures, Feedings, Comons Cothons of pastures Ranges for Hoggs, Woods, Underwoods, water, water Courses, Fishings Fowleings, wayes Easemts, proffitts, Comodities, hereditamt s, whatsoever unto the said Land belonging or in any manner of wayes apptayneing, To Haue and to hould the said pcell of land and all and Singuler the pmisses aforemenconed too bee hereby bargained and Sould wth the apptenances and every pte or pc ell thereof whatsoever before named or recited Unto the said William Love and his heires Executrs Adm'~ and Assignes forever, And the said Martin Mackeny for himselfe heires Executors Admrs doe Covent grant & agree to and with the said William Lov e his heires Executrs Admrs & Assignes & every of them by these psents That hee the Said William Love his heires Executrs Admrs and Assignes Shall and may peaceably and quietly have hold, Occupie, possess and Inioy all and Singuler the pmisses bef ore by these ptsents bargained and Sold and every pte and pcell thereof with every the Rights, Members, And Apptenances wthout the Law full lett, Suite trouble, Euiction, Exquetion or damage Interruption of or by the Said Mackeny or of or by hi s heires Executrs & Admrs or any or either of them, or of or by any other pson or psons lawfully Clayming from by or Under them or any of them, or there or any of there Uses, or by from or Under there or any of theire Title Estate meanes or pcurem ts as also accquitted & Discharged or wthin Convenient time after reasonable re quest made, well and Sufficiently Saued And kept harmelesse of and from all and all manor of former and other Bargaines, Sayles, Estates, former Leases, Titles, Dower , Rights or Tytles of dower, Joynters, Uses, Intaile, Wills, Rents, Charges, Rent Servisses Arreareges of Rents, Statutes Recognizances, Judgmts, Execucons, Titles Troubles, Charges and Demands, whatsoeuer had made done Comitted or willingly or wi llingly Suffered by the Said Martin Mackeny his heires or Assignes or any of them or of or by any other pson or psons whatsoever, lawfully Claymeing by from or under them or any of them or to there or any of theire uses, or by theire or any of the ire tytles Estates meanes, or pcuremt and the Said Martin Mackeny for himselfe his heires Executrs and Admrs all and Singuler the before bargained pmisses their appurtenances and every pte and pcell Thereof Unto the said William Love his heires Ex ecutrs Admrs and Assignes to the Intent and meaneing aforesd Shall and Will Warrant And for Ever defend by these psents, In Wittness whereof the ptys First aboue menconed or named to these psent Indentures have Interchangeably Sett their hands an d Seales the day and yeare First aboue Written the thke Signed Sealed and Delivered Martin + Mackeny together wth possession by (Locus sigilli) Livery and Sezin by Turife & Twigge In psents of us Abraham Rowse James Mackey the marke of === Charles County Land Records, Liber Z Page 174 Recorded at request of Charles Jones: Nov 1704; Philip Lynes, merchant, gives leave and license to Charles Jones who lives on a tract near Portobacco Creek called Lines' Gore near John Caine and William Loves; containing 130 acres; Charles and his wife Elinor Jones consent to make us e of the land for their lifetime and to pay 2 hens or capons on 10 Mar each year; /s/ Philip Lynes; wit. William Newman, Richard Peter (mark) Marriage 1 Judith Gerrard b: 1640 in England•Married: ABT 1658 in St. Mary's County, Maryland Children 1. Thomas Love b: 1661 in Charles County, Maryland 2. Elizabeth Love b: 30 MAY 1668 in Charles County, Maryland