Thomas Love

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birt: 1661
plac: Charles County, Maryland
deat: AFT 1718
plac: Charles County, Maryland

Lucy Dobson
birt: ABT 1665
plac: Charles County, Maryland
deat: 30 APR 1723
plac: Charles County, Maryland
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Notes: Thomas Love Sex: M Birth: 1661 in Charles County, Maryland Death: AFT 1718 in Charles County, Maryland Note: Charles County deed book 1, pg 19, 1694 Thomas Love to Phillip Hoskins Early Families of Southern MD, Vol 8. p. 168 Capt. Thomas Love of St. Mary's Co. (SMC) made a deposition in 1714 giving his age as about 55 years old, making his birth date around 1661 in MD. === 1711: Deposition of Capt. Thomas Love of SMC, age about 53 re: "Norwood"; recalls hunting with Robert Slye who married one of his sisters (MD Chancery Records). So was she Judith Love???? ===== Robert Toate 10.22 I SM ¹36.8.0 Jun 28 1688 The amount of the inventory also included #3758, Appraisers: Justinian Gerard, Thomas Autaway. List of debts: Thomas Love, Arthur Thompson, John Whitehead, Robert Slye, Thomas Renolds, David Parsones, Francis Mason, Mr. Frow, William Walker, John Noe (?), Marmaduke Semes, Allexander Standish, Edward Philpot, Edward Wadham. Persons Mentioned in the Estate of Mr. Robert Mason The estate of M. Robert Mason of St. Mary's County cites money and tobacco received from the following persons, and payments made. The list is dated 20 March 1706 (OS). The list can be found on Folios 275-290, Liber 26, Inventories and Accounts. Money and Tobacco Received Thomas Love === Charles County Circuit Court Liber S, Page 275 26 Apr 1694; Indenture from Thomas Love to Philip Hoskins, Gent.; for 5s; a parcel of land on the west side on Portobacco Creek where his father William Love did live; containing 100 acres; /s/ Thomas Love (mark); wit. Wm. Barton, Henry Hawkins , Cleborne Lomax; in return Philip Hoskins to care for Thomas Love for the rest of his natural life; Hoskins also to receive cattle, horses, chattel, and other possessions === 1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Port Tobacco: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 311-63: LOVE: 100 acres; Possession of - 100 Acres - Love, Thomas: Surveyed 31 Mar 1682 for John Lemaire on the West side Port Tobacco this land was for merly in possession of Thomas Love said to be let fall.: === Thomas Love son of William Love convey 26 April 1694, a parcel of land on the West side of Portobacco Creek, Where William Love lived containing 100 acres. Charles county Land Records, liber S#1.275 === 1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Newport: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 364-17: LOVES ADVENTURE: 136 acres; Possession of - 136 Acres - Dent, John: Surveyed 23 July 1695 for Thomas Love formerly in St. Mary's County beginnin g at a bound red and with 8 notches on the West side of N.E. branch of Chaptico Creek.: Other Tracts Mentioned: DENTS INHERITANCE; other notes - Included into resurvey of DENTS INHERITANCE, folio 419, 19 Aug 1720, === 1642-1753 Rent Rolls Charles County, Maryland Hundred - Newport: Rent Roll page/Sequence: 419-291: DENTS INHERITANCE: 1169 acres; Possession of - 1169 Acres - Dent, John: Including 4 tracts [?] Col Barton's, READING, EVANS ADDITION, & BARNABY, Res urveyed 18 Aug 1720 for John Dent and patented to John Dent his son, lying on the North side of Piles Fresh.: Other Tracts Mentioned: READING; EVANS ADDITION; BARNABY; other notes - {mm Note; not identified to a specific Hundred. Location identifi ed by watercourse or nearby tract.}, 144 Acres - Hatch Dent from John Dent; 10 March 1732,144 Acres - Michael Dent from John Dent, 14 Aug 1733, 143 Acres - Benjamin Dent from John Dent, 14 Aug 1733, === Hoskins, Col. Phillip,Charles County, 20th June, 1714; 3rd Apr., 1718. To son William and hrs., 100 A. bou. of Thos. Love, personalty and former gifts confirmed. To son Phillip and hrs., 50 A., Friendship, and personalty on son William's plantation. Certain personalty to be sold and proceeds divided among all child. equally. To every grandchild (both sons and daus.), personalty. To son Oswald and hrs., 178 A., dwelling plantation and his pt. of personal estate. To son Bennett, 200 A. bought of Garrett Sinett, and 187 A., Hoskins' Lot,and share of personal estate. To son Ballard, 190 A. bou. of James Mackey, nr. Chingamuxson Cr., 100 A., St. John's, and 100 A. adj. St. John's, lying bet. the two Beaverdams, and share of personal estate. To daus. Mary, Anne and Martha, personalty. [p.130] Shd. any of sd. child. die during minority, estate bequeathed to child. of former wife to be divided among them; and estate given to child. of last wife, Ann, divided among them. To wife Ann, extx., residue of personal estate during life; at her decease to be divided among child. testator had by sd. wife Ann. She to settle a plantation for each son, and neither the child. testator had by former wife nor child. present wif e had by her former husband to have any part of estate more than is justly due them. Testator desires to be buried in Portobacco Church. Overseers: Wm. Hoskins, Thos. Stone and Joseph Harrison. Test: Archibald Johnson, Jane Booth, Sarah Mudd. 14. 475. Test. speaks of Jane Hamilton, late called Jane Booth. 3rd Apr., 1718. Caveat filed by son William. Abstracts of the Accounts of the Prerogative Court of Maryland Libers 6 -10, 1724- 1731 by V.L. Skinner, Jr. Father: William Love b: ABT 1638 in England Mother: Judith Gerrard b: 1640 in England Marriage 1 Lucy Dobson b: ABT 1665 in Charles County, Maryland•Married: ABT 1681 in Charles County, Maryland Children 1. Samuel Love b: 1686 in Charles County, Maryland 2. Elizabeth Love b: ABT 1696 in Charles County, Maryland 3. Susannah Love b: BEF 1706 in Charles County, Maryland