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 William Smith Bryan 
birt: JUL 1685
plac: Ballymoney,Down,Ireland
deat: 1786
plac: Salem, VA

Margaret Brockers
deat: 1804
plac: Salem,Botetourt Co. VA
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  Hans Jacob BrungerBrinker 
   Marie C Overley 
 Sarah Brinker 
  Wolfert Webber Sr 
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 Tryntje Lady Maesterland Germany JonasWebber 

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William and Margaret Bryan sent their son, John Andrew into the woods to cut a stick to make a handle for a hook used in weaving, and he was arrested for poaching. After much trouble and expense, his father got him clear, and immediately sailed for America, where, as he said, "timber was free and there were no constables". (from" Notable Southern Families", p. 40)