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 Francis Bryan 
birt: 1- JUN 1630
plac: County Clare, Munster Province, Ireland
deat: 1- APR 1694

Sarah Brinker
marr: 1667
plac: Chester, Pennsylvania
birt: 1- JUN 1634
plac: Denmark
deat: 1- JUN 1698
plac: Belfast, Antrim, , Ireland
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Francis Bryan, eldest son of William Smith Bryan, born about 1630, returned to Ireland in 1667 and endeavored to recover his hereditary titles and estates, but was so persecuted by the English Government that he sought refuge in Denmark wher e he married Sarah Brinker or Brunker. He later retunrned to Ireland, where he died in 1694. His son, Morgan, was born in Denmark in 1681 and William in Ireland in 1685.