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birt: 6- JUN 1698
plac: New Kent, Virginia
deat: 05-20-1779
plac: Halifax, Virginia

Elizabeth Virginia Frost
marr: 1722
plac: Virginia,
birt: 1699
plac: New Kent, Virginia
deat: 1734
plac: Amelia, Virginia
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( - 1779) Posted 06 Oct 2013 by kycolonels_1 Born in New Kent c. 1693 William moved to Goochland County in 1731, in the area that became Cumberland County in 1749. He lived on Fine Creek on 400 acres he bought form Joel. In 1750 or shortly thereafter, William and his brother, Joseph moved to Lunenburg County. They were the first Chandlers to have settled in the Lunenburg/Halifax County area, just as they were the first of the surname to settle in the Henrico/Cumberland County area. (The exception was Bartholomew Chandler who died without heirs in the 1600s). William's first wife was Elizabeth.... who died by 1734. Second wife was Judith (?). Info taken from Tidewater VA Families May/June/2002 p. 6 written by Joseph Barron Chandler, Jr., B.A., J.D. Halifax County 19 May 1763 William Chandler, Jr. and Judith his wife of Lunenburg County to James Lox of Halifax Co. for 12 pounds 60 acres on both sides of Beaver Pond Branch beginning at red oak tree in the old line thence South. Signed William W Chandler, Judith Chandler Recorded 19 May 1763 No Wit. Deed Book 6 p 285 19 May 1763 William Chandler, Jr. of Lunenburg Co. to William Compton of Halifax Co. for Pounds 37/10/0 .....(torn) 44 acres on Beaver Pond Br. part of 404 acres granted sd Chandler 14 February 1761, beg. at a small red oak cor. of the old survey & by a new line north...All appurtenances thereunto belonging.... Signed: William (X) Chandler, Judith Chandler No Witnesses Recorded 19 May 1763 Judith wife of William relinquished her right of dower p.283 19 May 1763 Willliam Chandler, Jr. and Judith, his wife of the one part to John Brewis of Halifax Co, for Pounds 5, 25 acres on the branches of Brown's Mill Cr, part of 400 acres pruchased by sd Chandler of Williams, beg. at a white oak in the old line....(torn)... All appurtenances thereunto belonging.... Wm. (W) Chandler, Judith Chandler No Wit. recorded (torn) May 1763 Judith, wife of William relinquished her right of dower Will Book l page 260, 265,266 Halifax County VA 1779 I William Chandler of Halifax County being in perfect sense and memory thanks be to God for same do make this my last will and Testament in manner and form following FIRST I desire that my just debts be duly paid, my funeral charges being also paid. I give and bequeath to my son Robert Chandler one cow to him and his Heirs forever. ITEM I give desire and bequeath to my three oldest daughters namely Susanna Wife of William Lax (??) Bettey wife of John Legrand, Hannah wife of John Smalman two Negros Fellis and Tom and half my Cattle and half my sheep and Ten pounds apiece to be equally divided among the three last mentioned to them and their Heirs forever. I give my son William Chandler opne Negro girl namly Hanna for his part of my Estate to him and his Heirs and assigns forever. ITEM I give devise and bequeath to my son Timothy one Negro boy namely Ben to him and his Heirs forever. ITEM I geve and devise and bequeath to my daughter Keziah one Negro girl namely Fanne with all her increase and one Feather Bed to her and her Heirs and assigns forever. ITEM I also give devise and bequeath to my daughter Mary Ann one Negro boy named Tom and one feather Bed to her and her Heirs and assigns forever. ITEM I give devise and bequeath to my son John Chandler all my land on the East side of the Beaver Pond Creek to him and his Heirs and assigns forever. ITEM I give devise and bequeath to my son Frederick Chandler one hundred and fifty acres of Land whereon I now live to him his Heirs and assigns forever. ITEM I give devise and bequeath to my son Shadrack Chandler all the remainder part of my Land to him his Heirs and assigns forever. ITEM I give desire and bequeath to my loving wife Judith one Negro Weneh Lucey and all the rest of my Estate which has not before mentioned to her during her natural life or widowhood and after her death or Marriage to be equally divided between her three sons John, Shadrack and Frederick. I apoiint my son Timothy and John Legrand Executors of this my .... will hereby revoking and making void all former Wills Gifts or bequeaths by me iin any manner heretfore made IN Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this Ninth day of March Anno. Dom.' One thousand seven hundred and seventy nine. Signed sealed Published and William W Chandler SS (his markl) declared by the Testator by be his last Will and Testament In presence of John Wood Richard Stanle In a Court of Halifax County the 20th dat of May 1770 This last Will and Testament of William Chandler deceased was exhibited in Court by Timothy Chandler on of the executors herein named and the same was prov'd by the oath of several subscribing witnesses herto and ordered lto be recorded. And on the Motion of the said Executors lwho made oath to the same allowing to Law Certificate was granted. An Inventory and Appraisement of the Estate of William Chandler 16 head of cattle 28 0 0 2 horses 25 1 mare and colt 10 15 old sheep and 7 lambs 11 1 Negro fellow Tom 20 1 Negro woman Luey 100 1 Negro girl Fanny 80 1 Negro boy Ben 50 1 Negro boy Tom 40 3 beds and furniture 24 aparcel old pewter 1 5 0 1 pair sterlyards 0 15 0 4 hilling hoes 3 grubbing hoes 1 narrow ax 3 0 0 4 reap hooks 0 5 0 1 foot adz hand saw and drawing knife 0 10 0 (??) crow and joynter 0 5 0 1 narrow ax 0 2 6 1 X cut saw 0 15 0 3 pots 1 frying pan and 2 pair pot hoks and one pan handle 1 10 0 2 guns 2 2 flax wheels and 1 cotton wheel 1 10 0 2 water pails 0 6 0 1 mans saddle 2 bridles 1 bridle bit 0 5 0 1 loom 0 8 0 1 chest 0 3 0 2 saw files and 2 pair cards 0 12 0 1 slay and 9 cyder casks 4 12 6 cash 20 18 0 1 mare cold 2 bells 1 10 0 25 head hogs 3 15 0 aparcel old liron 0 10 0 12 (??) B as Iron 0 4 0 24 (??) Wool 4 10 0 TOTAL (Pound Sign) 502: 2: 0 We the subscribers being first sworn have appraised and the above Estate Certified under our hands this 26yh May 1779. John Wood Fulker Fulkerson Ambrose Estes At a Court held for Halifax County the 17th day of June 1779 This Inventory and Appraisement if the Estate of William Chandler Deceas'd was return'd and the same ordered to be recorded. Teste Geo Carrington CHE