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birt: 16 APR 1623
plac: Kecoughtan, York, VA
deat: 12 OCT 1690
plac: ames City, VA
 Joan Hottens 

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Notes: Thomas Hampton 1623 - 1690 Father William Hampton 1592 - 1652 Mother Joan Hottens b.ABT 1596 Middlesex, England . ( Note: William Hampton, "The Immigrant:" Set sail from London, England on the "Bona Nova," a 200 ton ship with 120 passengers commanded by Captain John Huddleston in August 1620 to arrive Jamestown, Virginia in November 1620, along with the "Elizabeth," a 40 ton shipwith 20 passengers, and the "Mayflower," a 140 ton ship with 100 passengers which landed at Plymouth Rock. Note: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s - Name: William Hampton, Year: 1621, Place: Virginia, Source Publication Code: 1219.4, Primary Immigrant: Hampton, William, Source Bibliography: COLDHAM, PETER WILSON Name:Joan Hottens Given names:Joan Surname:Hottens Married name:Joan Hampton Died after 1623 (Age 27) Hampfield, Gloucester, Virginia, USA Hampfield, Gloucester, Virginia, USA Source: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s Note: Joan & her 3 children made passage on the "Abigail", a 350 ton ship under the command of Captain Samuel Each from London on 21 Feb 1621 and landed at Jamestown in June 1621. Source: "A History of the Hampton Family of the Southern States,1586-1916", Note: Passenger and Immigration Lists Index, 1500s-1900s - Name: Joane Hampton, Year: 1621, Age: 25, Est Birth Year: abt 1596,) ------------------- Rev. Thomas Hampton 16 April 1623 Hampton, Virginia, USA Latitude: N37.016 Longitude: W76.346 Address: Kecoughtan, in the City of Hampton, (Formerly Elizabeth City, Virginia) Note: Family Data Collection - Births - Name: Thomas Hampton, Father: William Hampton, Mother: Joan Hampton, Birth Date: 16 Apr 1623, Child of Rev. Thomas hampton Mary Hampton 1651 - ABT 1700 Thomas Hampton Gender Male Birth[1] 16 APR 1623 Kecoughtan, York, Virginia, USA Death[1] 12 OCT 1690 James City, Virginia, USA Minister, York-Hampton Parish (Chiskiake Parish) 1649 (Age 25) York, Virginia, USA Source: Tidewater Virginia Families, 1989, Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Note: Mary Hampton Duke married Edward Wade sometime after November 1670. She had a large estate in James City that had been given to her by her father, Thomas Hampton. This estate was next to Henry Duke and became the home place for some of th e Wades for years. THE HAMPTONS, Chapter 12, from "Tidewater Virginia Families—A Social History", by Virginia Lee Hutchinson Davis, Urbanna, VA, 1989. - Gen 14. Laurence Hampton of Twickenham Par., Middlesex, Eng. issue: William (marr. Joanne); Richard, Ann (marr . Henry Rand), Elizabeth, Laurence (died 1627 and left will, marr. __Garrett), Philadelphia (female). Gen 13. William Hampton, chr. 28 May 1592, Twickenham Par., marr. Joanne. Relative Thomas Hampton was stock holder in London Company in 1612 . Wm and wife in Eliz. City Muster, 1624. William patented land in Gloucester, built Hampfield. Will dated 5 Sep 1655 mentioned in Caroline Co. Deed, left home to "Mr. William Hampton, Jr. and Reve. Thomas Hampton, Clerke." issue: William, Grace , Elizabeth, Thomas - Gen 12. William Hampton, had a son William who patented land in Gloucester Co adj. his fathers in 1697. Patent refers to "his late father." issue: William, (see 1704 Rent Roll, Gloucester Co ). - Gen 12. Thomas Hampton, bor n 16 Apr 1623 accord. to family bible, became Rev. of Wilmington Par. James City and York-Hampton Parish 1649. Continued until 1690. (NOTE: he was not--as some say--the son of the Rev. Thos. Hampton of Kecoughtan Par., Kent Island, who patented la nd in & moved to Nansemond 1637, died 1646. Relationship not known.) Patented 550 acres on Tyascon Branch 1653 east of Chickahominy toward Timber swamp. Land in New Kent. Additional 400 acres land on Tyascun [sic] Creek in James City in 1658. Lan d now along Chickahominy and Diascund. By 1658 he was minister of Wilmington Par. Last entry in his Bible were he kept daily notes on sermons is 12 Oct 1690. issue: John (marr. 1. Mary Mann, 2. ___ Cary), Mary (marr. 1. ___ Duke, 2. ___ Wade), Tho mas (marr. Elizabeth Bridle) - Gen 11. John Hampton marr. 1. Mary Mann. He received Hampfield from father in 1677 at same time he received 157 acres adjoining land from John Mann. Mann deed calls him Capt. John Hampton, and explains intended marri age to dau. Mary. Before 1704 he moved to King William, Pamunkey Neck. See Patent for 50 acres His will date is known: 10 Nov 1718 and would have been in King William County Records. issue:Thomas, Mary, John (married Margret Wade), William (marr . Martha Catlett, wid.), Richard (marr. Martha) marr. 2. ___Cary issue: Cary - Gen 10. Thomas (son of John and Mary Mann) - Gen 10. John Hampton (son of John and Mary Mann) was born 3 Jun 1683, in Gloucester Co., Baptized Sunday Jun 18, 1683 by hi s grandfather, Rev. Thomas Hampton. This is in John’s prayer book. Married 1st day of 1712 or Mar 25th 1712 in the new calendar. Margeret was born 1 May 1694. They lived first in New Kent (land record 1712 has father giving him the land. Also live d later (until 1736) in Essex County. 1742 in Pr. William County. John died 18 Jan 1747. Margaret died 17 May 1773 with the entry in the prayer book "That she hath done shall be spoken of for a memorial of her". Issue: as recorded in prayer boo k and bible, John Wade, called Wade, 27 May 1713, died 1726 of fever, Anthony 2 Feb 1715. (Married Mary Preston), Mary 10 Jun 1717, twin sons William and Richard, 30 March 1719 who lived only a few months, James born 3 Sep 1723, Margaret bor n 16 Dec 1725, John born May 27 1727, Thomas born Oct 17, 1729, and Rosamond 8 Sep 1735. - Gen 10. William Hampton (son of John and Mary Mann), born about 1685, married Martha Thornton Catlett, widow of Thomas Catlett who died 1739. Estate ordere d appraised in Caroline Co 1750, refers to will in Stafford Co. Mar 13, 1750. Issue: Edward, George , Thoams, John, Susanne, Francis, William. - Gen 10. Richard Hampton (son of John and Mary Mann) marr. 1. Alice, 2. Martha. Left will 22 Dec 176 6 in Fauquier Co. Issue: Elizabeth, Sarah, Martha, William, and Richard. ?References 1.? 1.0 1.1 1.2 OneWorldTree. (Online publication - Provo, UT, USA: The Generations Network, Inc.). --------------- Thomas Hampton, 1623 - 1690, was the great-great-grandfather of Wade Hampton 1752 – February 4, 1835), a South Carolina soldier, politician, two-term U.S. Congressman, and wealthy plantation owner. He was the scion of the politically important Ham pton family, which was influential in state politics almost into the 20th century. Wade Hampton served in the American Revolution as a lieutenant colonel in a South Carolina volunteer cavalry regiment. And was a Democratic-Republican member of Congress for South Carolina from 1795–1797 and from 1803–1805, and a presidential elec tor in 1801.