Peter Wynne

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 Peter Wynne 
birt: 11-25-1593
plac: St. Dunstan's, Canterbury, Kent, England
deat: 5-31-1638
plac: St. Georges, Canterbury, Kent, England

Mary Martha Coppin
marr: 12-8-1620
plac: Canterbury, Kent, England
birt: 1- JUN 1595
plac: Canterbury, Kent, England
deat: 8- JUN 1633
plac: Canterbury, Kent, England

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His parents both died of the Plague on 6 Sep 1609. Their deaths were in connection with a visitation of the plague to Canterbury, either Bubonic plague, or Typhus. The outbreak was severe. It left the five young Wynne children orphans, and ha d it not been for the kindness of their uncle, William Wattmer II, they would have been destitute. He saw to it they were removed from the infected house until it was cleansed, and reclothed, housed, and looked after them during the quarantine. Th en he boarded Peter and John with Rowland Dixon, the tailor, to follow an apprenticeship in their father's trade. Thomas was old enough to assume the responsibilities of his parent's house. Uncle William took Elizabeth and Anne to his home, and lo oked after the financial affairs of the younger children. LIFE AND MARRIAGE: Peter Wynne, baptized on 25 November 1593 at St. Dunstan's Canterbury, Kent, England, died on 30 May 1638 St. George's, Canterbury, Kent, England and buried on 30 May 1638 at St. George's, Canterbury, Kent, England. Peter Wynne , gentleman of Canterbury, was an Alderman of the city. He married Martha Coppin of St. Margarets, Canterbury, on 8 December 1620, at St. Martins. William Coppin, father of Martha, signed the marriage bond in St. Georges on August 20, 1631. NOTES: Peter Wynne became a freeman of Canterbury in 1626 by right of birth, and bore the designation of gentleman. He lived in St. Margaret's Parish. Peter Wynne, Colonel Robert Wynne's father, was born on 25 November 1593 in County Kent, England. He was married 8 Dec 1620 to Martha Coppin who was born 1 June 1595 in England. Martha was the granddaughter of John Coppin, born in 1530 and a membe r of British Parliament 20 May 1581 and his wife Mary Denne. The Denne family is descended from the Vikings who invaded Normandy and who settled part of France then moved north to England, Scotland and Wales. Peter Wynne and Martha Coppin had two children: 1) Col. Robert Wynne, and 2) Sarah Wynne. Peter was freed from apprenticeship in 1626. Peter Wynne died on 30 May 1638 in Canterbury, County Kent, England.