Robert Wynne

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birt: 12-28-1622
plac: Canterbury, Kent, England
deat: 8-15-1675
plac: Charles City County, VA

Mary Frances Sloman
marr: 12-11-1653
plac: Canterbury, Kent, England
birt: 1624
plac: London, England
deat: 10-8-1675
plac: Charles City County, VA
 Mary Martha Coppin 

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Robert Wynne was born 1622 and was baptized at St. Dunstans in Canterbury. He arrived in Virginia in 1651, and had a 600-acre plantation south of the James named "Georges". (12 headrights). He was granted to keep two Indians for service. Mary (Fra nces Sloman?) was the widow of Francis Poythress (whose son John married Christian Pebbles and granddaughter Mary married John Woodlief IV). Note that two men named John Sloman are among the 12 listed for Robert Wynne's headrights. Robert was spea ker of the House of Burgesses during the Long Parliament, 1662-1674 and lived in Jordans Parish, Charles City County and owned much property in England (5 houses, a farm, and a mill). In his will, dated 7/1/1675, Robert Wynne, (who died in 1678 ) left land in England to eldest son and his plantation to Joshua; he left daughter Woodlief a servant of four years and left grandson and godson George Woodlief one filly foal. Left a will dated 1 Jul 1675 Proved in England 1678. Colonel Wynne died in 1675. His widow, Mary is referred to in a suit in the General Court as his executrix on the 8th of October, 1675.