List of Individuals
Stembridge, Ernest Jackson
Stembridge, Lewis W
Steppe, Claude Edward
Steppe, Daniel Travis
Steppe, Emma May
Steppe, Harold Preston
Steppe, James Eldridge
Steppe, James Otis
Steppe, James Otis (1)
Steppe, Lewis Bailey
Steppe, Margaret Kate
Steppe, Moninna Ann
Steppe, Sylvia Mae
Steppe, Walter Franklin
Steppe, Zachary Hunter
Steppe/ II, Lewis Bailey
Steppe/|Viola Stepp, Viola Isabell
Steppe/|Walter Stepp, Walter Clarke
Stevens, Brandon Michael
Stevens, Donald J.
Stevens, Doward Lee
Stevens, Flossie May
Stevens, Karen Lynn
Stevens, Leon Scott
Stevens, Michael Thomas
Stevens, Ronnie Leon
StKing, Christine
Stoakes, Christopher
Stokes, Elizabeth
Stokes, Elizabeth (1)
Stone, Agnes
Stone, C R
Stone, Carrie Mae
Stone, Charlie
Stone, James Margan
Stone, Keri Michelle
Stone, Mary
Stone, Maurice Edward
Stone, Mildred
Stone, Sammie Gray
Stone, Walter Ray
Stormer, Chrissa
Stormer, Jackie
Stormer, Jim
Stormer, Richard
Stotesbury, Lisha
Stotesbury, Wayne
StPeter, ?
StPeter, Joyce
Strackey, Arabella
Stratton, Lucy
Strelley, Elizabeth
Strelley, John
Strelley, John (1)
Strelley, Nicholas III William
Strelley, Sheriff Sir Sampson
Strelley, Sir Nicholas I
Strelley, Sir Nicholas II
Strelley, Sir Robert I
Strelley, Sir Robert II
Strode, Martha
Stroup, Dorothy
Suddith, Carrie Maude
Sulc, Heather
Sulc, Jerry
Sule, Jessica
Sutton, Hamon
Sutton, Margaret
Swan, Susannah
Swann, Francis
Swann, Samuel
Swann, William
Swann/ Sr, Edward
Sweeney, Edmund
Sweeney, Elizabeth E
Sweeney, Joel Walker
Sweeney, John
Sweeney, John2
Sweeney, John3
Sweeney, Louisiana
Sweeney, Lydia
Sweeney, Martha A.
Sweeney, Mary
Sweeney, Mary Jane
Sweeney, Mildred
Sweeney, Missouri Alice
Sweeney, Moses
Sweeney, Moses2
Sweeney, Richard Alexander
Sweeney, Sally
Sweeney, Sampson Decatur
Sweeney, Sarah
Sweeney, Susannah
Sweeney, Tallithacumi
Sweeney, Thomas
Sweeney, William
Sweeney, William2
Swynford, Katherine
Symons, Dorthy
Talley, Samuel S

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