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birt: Abt 1703
plac: Charles County, Maryland
deat: AFT 1734
plac: Charles County, Maryland

Thomas Hunt
birt: Bef ORE 1699
deat: 16 MAY 1734
 Mary Abbott 

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Anna Love Sex: F Birth: ABT 1703 in Charles County, Maryland Death: AFT 1734 in Charles County, Maryland Note: === Hunt, Thomas, Charles County, 21st Apr., 1734; 16th May, 1734. To wife Anna, extx., and hrs., 100 A. dwelling plantation., "Hunt"s Venture," and personal estate absolutely. To grandson Thomas, son of son John, deceased, sons Thomas, Joseph and Philip, grandson [not named], son of Elizabeth Farring, and dau. Catherine Harrod, 1 s, each, Test: Joseph Gates, James Brodey, Peter Carico (Carrico). 21. 64 === Thomas Hunt 18.516 CH 9.0.4 Jun 8 1734 Appraisers: Thomas Swann, Peter Carico. Creditors: William Middleton, John Parnham. Next of kin: Philip Hunt, Joseph Hunt, === Thomas Hunt 12.413 A CH 79.0.4 12.10.1 Aug 28 1734 Sureties: Samuel Love, John Posten. Received from: James Broadway, John Lang, Samuel Love, Randall Morris, Mary Birch, John Lyon, John Parham, William Middleton, John Kirkwood. Executrix: Anna Hunt. William Kingsland 8.350 A CH 82.17.2 2104.2.9 Aug 29 1727 Received from: Francis Glass, Henry Wathen. Payments to: John Parnham, Cornelius Cannon, Robert Whitely, William Scott, Thomas Birch, William Ferguson, Charles Phillpott, Robert Holt, Henry Wathen, Samuel Lowe [translation error, should read LOVE], Thomas McWilliams, Rose Allen. Distribution to: accountant (1/3). Residue to: 2 daughters (unnamed, at age). Administratrix: Anna Kingsland. Father: Samuel Love b: 1686 in Charles County, Maryland Mother: Mary Abbott Marriage: Thomas Hunt b: BEF 1699 in Charles County, Maryland Children 1. Thomas Hunt b: ABT 1711 2. John Hunt b: ABT 1714 in Charles County, Maryland 3. Catherine Hunt b: ABT 1716 in Charles County, Maryland 4.n Joseph Hunt b: BEF 1725 in Charles County, Maryland 5. Philip Hunt b: BEF 1734