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birt: Abt 1726
deat: 1763
plac: Halifax County, VA

Jane Ellis
marr: SEPTEMBER 19, 1750
plac: Amelia County, VA
birt: 1729 - 1730
plac: Flat Cr., Nottaway, Amelia Co, VA
deat: NOV 04, 1785
plac: Halifax County, VA
 Elizabeth Hampton 

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HAMPTON5 WADE (ROBERT4, ANDREW3, EDWARD2, EDWARD1) was born Abt. 1726, and died 1763 in Halifax County, VA. He married JANE ELLIS September 19, 1750 in Amelia County, VA, daughter of JOHN ELLIS and LUCY MAYS. She was born Abt. 1730, and died Novem ber 4, 1785 in Halifax County, VA. Notes for HAMPTON WADE: The first meeting of the justices for the newly formed Halifax County was made at the home of Hampton Wade on 19 May 1752. At this meeting Andrew Wade was appointed, with Henry Irby, to "take a list of tithables from the point of Fork of Dan an d Staunton Rivers up to Buffalo upon Staunton." Before Halifax County was erected in 1752 from Lunenburg County, Robert Wade Sr. and his sons, Stephen and Robert Jr. were on a list of tithes in Lunenburg County in 1748, taken by Hugh Lawson for th e area between Hounds Creek and Meherrin River: (Sunlight on the Southside: List of Tithes, Lunenburg County, Virginia, 1748-1783, Landon C. Bell, 1931, Reprinted Baltimore, 1974) Stephen Wade, Robert Wade Jr., Robert Wade Sr. - 7 tithes On 10 June 1749 Lydell Bacon prepared a list that included: Stephen Wade, Silvak Walker - 5 tithes; 15 crows heads Edward Davis, Robert Wade - 6 tithes The Lunenburg tithe list taken by Bacon in 1750 included: William Stone, Robert Wade Jr., Robert Wade Sr. - 8 tithes Robert Wade does not appear on Lunenburg tithe lists subsequent to 1750, but Stephen was counted in 1752 by Cargill: Saml Harris, Stephen Wade, Charles Harris, Daniel York - 6 tithes Notes for JANE ELLIS: Will of Jane Ellis (Wade) Perrin Daughter Betsy (Elizabeth) LeGrand, sons Robert Wade, Richard Wade, Horatio Wade, John Wade, sons Joseph Perrin, George Perrin. Dated 4 November 1785. Recorded 19 January 1786. More About HAMPTON WADE and JANE ELLIS: Marriage 1: September 19, 1750, Amelia County, VA Marriage 2: Abt. 1750, Amelia County, VA Children of HAMPTON WADE and JANE ELLIS are: 77. i. ELIZABETH6 WADE, b. 1742, Lunenburg County, VA; d. 1797, Virginia. 78. ii. WILLIAM WADE, b. Abt. 1748, Amelia County, VA; d. Bef. May 16, 1782. 79. iii. ROBERT WADE, b. Abt. 1750, Amelia County, VA; d. Bef. 1810, Halifax County, VA. 80. iv. RICHARD WADE, b. 1751, Amelia County, VA; d. Bef. May 23, 1812, Halifax County, VA. 81. v. JOHN WADE, b. Aft. 1755, Lunenburg County, VA. vi. THOMAS ELLIS WADE, b. Abt. 1757. 82. vii. HORATIO WADE, b. Abt. 1759, Lunenburg County, VA; d. Aft. June 28, 1816, Richmond County, NC. viii. CLEMENT WADE, b. Abt. 1761.